Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • RT @Stanford: Caps are in the air, the band is on the stage. Congratulations, class of 2011 graduates! #stanford11 #
  • .@ConanOBrien Dartmouth commencement address (needed to hear bit on disappointment/failure/changing dreams) #
  • Reason #20 why I shouldn't have kids: my weird hrs are messing w/neighbors' cat; goes nuts when she finds me up at this hr & wants to play. #
  • Sad minor dilemma: where do I file all the "Farewell to Joe Shlabotnik" emails being sent at work lately? #
  • Re: Palin emails: "Box of paper would weigh 50 lbs whether there were emails written on them or not…" (@TheDailyShow) #
  • Had to explain concept of FTP ratio sites tonight; ah, world before Napster… #
  • RT @ConanOBrien: Happy 100th birthday, IBM! Or, should I say, "0110100001100001011100000111000001111001 … #
  • Thanks Weinergate: even in completely unrelated contexts, now feel awkward any time I say "staff," "staff member" or "male staff member." #
  • Best online dictionary? Already know OED is great, but any strong opinions on,, Other recommendations? #
  • 2 sonogram pics posted by 2 different friends in last 24 hours– actually glad I bothered to log into Facebook today. #
  • Don't understand "Bridezillas"; they just seem like sociopaths, wedding or no wedding. #bridezillas #

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