Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Is it possible to "Ferberize" a cat? This one needs to learn meowing her brains out everyday btwn hours of 5 & 8 AM is not helping anybody. #
  • Ha! From online discussion re: cat constantly meowing: "My dog… is a team player, but if this cat's behavior doesn't change soon…" #
  • Found my glasses (MIA since last week), then my iPod (MIA since yesterday); sadly found myself much more worried/relieved about the iPod. #
  • No joke: kept feeling like I had forgotten something all morning and then remembered: sleep. Forgot to sleep. Can you tell I'm burnt out? #
  • Kitty on the nod after going batsh*t crazy for ~10 min (was testing her sensitivity to catnip– answer = YES). #
  • Brilliant In Its Simplicity: PanicButton for Chrome. Hit the button, hides all tabs; hit it again, reopens all. #
  • If only Albert Einstein had lived long enough to see "Young Einstein" (1988); like to think he would have enjoyed it: #
  • Ha! Re: En Dash vs Em Dash: "The em dash is the spork of English grammar…" #
  • Cat guarding her catnip stash, perhaps saving it for when she's "in the mood" (gave it to her too late for 4:20) #
  • And then, cat seemingly passed out while on catnip guard duty (*seemingly* b/c she perked up the second I moved) #

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