Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • CVS: not just a store– Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: #
  • Just sent 3rd msg to GroupOn asking to not just disable login, but cancel account properly & STOP emailing me. Riddikulus! #
  • "I hope that someday you'll know the indescribable joy of having children and of paying someone else to raise them." – Gomez Addams #
  • xkcd: Time Vulture #
  • xkcd: Strunk and White vs Strunk/White #
  • RT @kennethrsharp: @sindyjlee If I'm this angry and disappointed with the omelet I just made, how will I feel about my kids? – Eliza Skinner #
  • On Swarz & JSTOR hack: (follow article's link to actual indictment for better/more interesting reading) #
  • Direct link to copy of US vs Swartz indictment (re: JSTOR hack) #
  • Best part on real-life Quidditch RT @TheDailyShow: Daniel Radcliffe discusses Quidditch & new @harrypotterfilm #
  • Podcast, schmodcast; you realize it's just talk radio thru the Internet rather than radio waves, right? #
  • So many things wrong w/this: Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy over *intellectual property rights* b/c of latest TV ad #
  • Trying to determine "my" cat's breed & was practically ambushed by strength of this photo's cuteness (shock & awe): #
  • How bad is a "Captain America" movie that it premiered internationally in 1990, but went straight to video in the US of *America* in 1992?! #
  • Against douching, but really like "Hail to the V" ad campaign; great slogan & epic 60-sec ad rightfully praises the V: #
  • Official 411 on Borders going out of business after 40 yrs; get your $ ready, liquidation sales start Fri, July 22! #
  • Ooh, didn't realize @thinkgeek had an entire Kids section; wonder if I can get this vampire pacifier for my nephew… #

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