Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Jersey Shore reruns again; feel bad for poor intern who had to go buy & put together 8 twin IKEA beds (recognize those wooden slat bases). #
  • Know Celebrity Rehab controversial, but must appreciate Bai Ling bravely talking about time in Chinese PLA (Tibet): #
  • Dr. Who (Matt Smith) not only HUGE hip hop fan, but he's East Coast (Biggie) too, not West (2pac): (on 7/29 @CraigyFerg) #
  • Colombiana: nice– righteous revenge flick with a hot (Dominican/Puerto Rican) female lead. #
  • Note to Self: Classic ViewMaster for my "art" project (my nephew's first year in pictures): #
  • You go, Matt Damon! RT @jrm4: As a teacher, movie fan, & enemy of dumb "incentives" arguments– I declare this AWESOME. #
  • How come grape soda never really take off like orange soda did? Because it's delicious, I tell you! #
  • If only I could simple erase all of my Big Mistakes with $1.59 (+ tax) and a lot of rubbing. #
  • Lonely developer woes: felt sad after setting up git repo– no remote repo aliases to add since no other developers. #
  • RT @TeamCoco: RT @LindsayLohan The bottle service at this accident site sucks. #WhyTweetThat ? #
  • Not sure why, but really like this interview: RT @TeamCoco: Harrison Ford… in last night's full episode: #
  • Wow/Weird: "We appreciate that you have been with Yahoo! Mail for the past 12 years…" (actually longer, more like 14-15) #
  • Got bangs ~2 mos ago & FB profile pic ~6 yrs old, so posted new one (sorry- no makeup & been sicker than usual lately so looking bit ruff). #

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