Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • Carpal tunnel flare up w/severe pain(ful) numbness/tingling/cramping; finally think normal blood circulation (KEY to recovery) is returning. #
  • Coworker made my day: came up & thanked me for latest webapp, esp usability & improved workflow; frankly, still kind of in shock. #
  • Stupid Zimbra: logged in to webcal & suddenly me and my calendar are running on GMT in a PDT world. #
  • Laurie Ann Gibson (@BoomKack) teaching Master Class & (at ~5:50) telling story of how Debbie Allen inspired her: #
  • **AWESOME** RT @TheDailyShow: John Oliver with (only) uplifting, feel-good story from world of finance. #DailyShow #
  • Hilarious! RT @TeamCoco: The brilliant @ohsnapJBSmoove gets Conan to shake his ass… Or what passes for his ass: #
  • Official end of taking polls seriously when latest poll actually looks at God's approval ratings: (8/10 @ColbertReport) #
  • Laurieann @BoomKack Gibson talks about finding hip hop, dancing for Mary J. Blige & her transition to choreographer: #
  • From @BETBornToDance: Laurieann on reverence for ballet technique & breaking the ballet color barrier (jump to 7:50): #
  • What happens when you let wild animals into the house: nest in your closet & use … #
  • What happens when you let wild animals into the house: nest inside closet & turn your cashmere sweater into a bed: #
  • OMG, nothing can quite match the amazing and sweet perfection of the original Fame movie & TV series. #
  • Neighbor said his business website being held hostage until he's paid more $ (fee already paid); thanks guy for bringing all web devs down. #
  • Was listening to @nickiminaj when screensaver kicked in & "Roman's Revenge" suddenly became bg music to photo slideshow of my baby nephew. #

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