Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • RT @TeamCoco: Stand up comedian @natebargatze came by last night to talk about bullets, moshpits and binge drinking. #
  • Ugh, it's one thing to be nice to $ donors, but quite another to automatically give them higher priority over all others; NOT a good look. #
  • Kind of weird NY State Dept of Corrections (prisons) employees can donate sick leave to help coworkers, but place like Stanford doesn't. #
  • Great interview w/James Momoa on 8/16 @ConanOBrien, esp. feline interpretation of Conan the Barbarian (jump to 4:50): #
  • On @ColbertReport, w/position of astronaut "professional space traveler" no longer available, now what do you dream of growing up to become? #
  • Absolutely hilarious interview w/Louis CK from 8/18 @ConanOBrien, esp. on saving his dog's life (jump to 3:08): #
  • Not sure geeks 2day appreciate hacking's roots in phreaking & social engineering; Kevin Mitnick on 8/18 @ColbertReport: #
  • "Stand & Deliver" on cable; Jaime Escalante exemplifies power of great teachers, a lesson for teachers, unions, government & everyone else. #

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