Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

  • Nice to wake up to great @nbcsnl ep: GOP Debate Cold Opening #
  • "Have you seen my phone?" "I bring you to a paradise planet 2 billion light years from earth & you want to update Twitter?" (@bbcdoctorwho) #
  • Nice: @eBay finally stopped charging fees when item doesn't sell & their cut => now 9% final price w/$100 max PLUS 50 free listings/month! #
  • Short blog post on "intentional" (naturalized) Americans & "Citizen USA" documentary: "Loyalty comes through ideas…" #
  • RT @almadrigal: "punk ass fools be trying get all up in my playhouse gonna get their ass cut" #
  • Nice: @GoogleMaps for @Stanford, CA so good- each of ~200 dorm buildings are labeled/numbered correctly: #
  • Is it weird to always count how many plum tomatoes I use to get a # I'm "in the mood" for mathematically (prime, even, power of 2, etc.)? #
  • From @BETBornToDance, @KC_Cast_: already in music videos & looks great! #
  • Where is the revised version of cha[er 15 of #EndersGame Mentioned by OSC in "Ender in Exile" afterword- supposed to be at… #
  • "I want to share my address, my phone number, my password, my private fantasies with faceless creeps on the net…" #
  • Editing profile on find 15 activities listed plus field for "Other"; list includes karaoke & scrapbooking, but no READING. #
  • Actually forgot today was my b-day until I noticed date on last nite's @TheDailyShow & saw flood of @Facebook wall posts- thank you all! #
  • Slick piece by P Wegner outside Arbuckle Dining @Stanford: MONUMENT TO CHANGE AS IT CHANGES #
  • Thanks for the "happy birthdays" esp since I'm bad about doing same in return 🙂 Maybe I'll find time this weekend to actually celebrate it! #
  • No, no they can't. MT @EndersAnsible: RT @jonmarcbauer: @EndersAnsible Can't they just make Ender 16 in movie so Justin Bieber can play him? #
  • RT @TheOnion: Veteran hostage negotiator calls Rep. Boehner’s demands "unrealistic" #CongressHostage #
  • RT @TeamCoco: If a child ever asks you “Why is the sky blue?” tell them it’s because the sky is where smurfs go to die. #
  • This show is amazing… MT @PersonInterest: Preview clip of tonight's ep "Ghosts" & tune in @ 9/8c for new ep! #
  • xkcd: Sharing #
  • Hmm, Reading List feature makes me want to use @AppleSafari 4 @GoogleReader– @GoogleChrome only seems to have extensions like 4 @Instapaper. #

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