Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • Not sure which is worse: flat out lying on your resume or adding unwarranted embellishments like "revised" job titles & descriptions… #
  • Still don't really fully understand how @Twitter photo upload works now, but when will @UberSoc BlackBerry client support it? #
  • Finally making my freelance work "official", so please help me pick company & domain name: (sorry, FB friends only) #
  • So hard to watch "the scene", but Ralston is very inspiring & still climbing! MT @LaTonyaBTD: Seen 127 Hours? Crazy dope inspiring movie… #
  • Can't say it 'nuff: @HBO GO=brilliant; 2day b/c even good documentaries rarely in theaters, available 4 rent/purchase, or on "regular" TV. #
  • Macs finally support zip (+ tar/gz) files natively, so why is anyone still using .sit, esp when there's no free version of StuffIt?! #
  • Considering @Stanford's dissatisfaction w/Zimbra, scared to see not if, but how much my calendar is fouled up when I travel back East… #
  • Was just thinking the other day how great my old iMac (1st gen Intel) still works & today I get the flashing question mark folder… #
  • Joke = Al-Awlaki @YouTube vids removed not b/c of terrorism, but 4 posting @TheDailyShow clips- not too far from truth: #
  • Eerie: sales guy who responded to my email re: special ergonomic mouse is named "Michael Gallant", name of Sharif Atkins character on "ER". #
  • Hmm, when I have computer hardware problems, always seems to be rainy too; argh, trying to revive my iMac… #
  • I ? Written in the Stars, but song by English rapper w/American singer who lives in Sweden = odd choice 4 MLB post-season ads, n'est-ce pas? #
  • For better or worse, at least I've done it so many times now that I can do a clean install of OS X & restore my iMac in 4 hours flat. #
  • Wonder if @rulefm sent Vanilla Ice $ for their spam that reads: "All Right Stop! Collaborate & Listen- Rule is back w/a brand new invention" #
  • Creepy bit from @Stanford admin guide: apparently, we "owe [our] primary professional allegiance to the University." #
  • Thru simple 1's & 0's Steve Jobs dared to dream; w/each new innovation pushed & pushed 2 not just change computing but 2 move the world #? #
  • Nice: rare Black Star appearance on tonight's @ColbertReport— that's @MosDefOfficial & @TalibKweli for those who aren't in the know 😉 #
  • Looking for LAMP developer to help @Stanford dept w/website project- if that's you, hit me up! No need to be local/can work remotely. #
  • RT @Stanford: Statement by Stanford President John Hennessy on Steve Jobs: #
  • "Ass Burgers" full ep: MT @ComedyCentral: @SouthPark took aim at vaccination debate on all-new episode last night. #
  • Reject idea that we must accept what isn't right just b/c that's the way system is; if ppl r behind it, there is always the power to change. #
  • Making peace with someone or something is not the same thing as giving up. #
  • What kind of yoga joint is so loud? The entire waiting room would like you to use inside voices please. #
  • RT @danecook: What's a good recipe for disaster if you're on a tight budget? #
  • "That would be an individual located within the intersection of the sets "no longer want my time machine" & "need $800" #
  • "Here we go… into the future!" (Even better @BigBang_CBS "The Nerdvana Annihilation" time machine clip) #
  • Nice & quick trick: chocolate chip cookie in toaster => similar to freshly baked state (don't let chocolate melt too much). #
  • Individually glazed dessert, decorated w/@Stanford "S", but heard about a waffle iron w/the "S" in Stern Dining! #
  • Seen outside Whole Goods in Los Altos: Bart Simpson or Frankenstein's Monster? (*not* Frankenstein…) #
  • "This is our double rainbow!" (@ModernFam) #
  • "How many moms does it take to screw in a light bulb?" "I don't know." "None– b/c they get you to do it, sucker." (@ModernFam) #
  • RT @DaveSFoley: #DepressingSitcoms All In The Famine #
  • Can we all admit now SarahPAC = shady? MT @TheDailyShow: @SarahPalinUSA's narcissism… #dailyshow #Indecision2012 #
  • Jon Stewart nicely captured how those who didn't know, but were inspired by Jobs felt like when we heard: @TheDailyShow #
  • Both hilarious & sweet MT @ColbertReport: Stephen… thanks the late Steve Jobs for his generosity. #colbert #SteveJobs #
  • Great opening on @fluffyguy's @ComedyCentral "Stand Up Revolution": (tour bus full of Latino comics stop in Phoenix…) #

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