Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16

  • NY peeps: will be back in town this weekend– will be busy w/family stuff, but might be able to find some time to hang out; hit me up. #
  • MT @mcsweeneys: "My love 4 u is like Facebook: always changing our dating parameters & constantly over-share our info." #
  • Hustling to get ready to fly back East tomorrow; what 1-year old has a business formal dress code for his b-day? Koreans… SMH… #
  • Have same issue packing right now! MT @LaTonyaBTD: if i must wear a dress has to be knee length or higher, plain & loose w/ amazing shoes =] #
  • Totally forgot about stupid liquids rule & have to now rethink almost all my toiletries; damn you, underwear bombers & the TSA… #
  • Haven't had ride to airport in yrs b/c shuttle or friend flakes; karma clearly doesn't apply here after all my airports runs for others. #
  • Watched everybody grow more & more reluctant to help this big family get seated together on the plane as their kids cry/scream more & more. #
  • View from First Class, shortly after take off from SJC -> PHX. #
  • View from First Class about 20 min before landing in PHX- what are those things? Solar panels? #
  • Hellow Newark: view from First Class as we approach EWR. #
  • We're not even home from the airport yet & already want to poke my eardrums out from the fighting/bickering. #
  • Celebrating my nephew's first birthday in traditional Korean style w/an American twist: #
  • I know I'm home when I have to stop the car to let a deer cross while driving back from a bonfire. #
  • Celebrated my nephew's first birthday, traditional Korean style (for the most part). #

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