Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

  • Trying 2 restore old iMac- again; wonder if Apple ever notices/can detect users in this rut b/c logs show same OS registration over & over. #
  • At this age, suddenly noticing "newer" artists like @CobraStarship actually feel like contemporaries, how I might've made music in diff life #
  • Love a Breakfast Club reference (mouseover): (via xkcd) #
  • Amazed that ppl this unbelievably dumb & irresponsible allowed 2 become parents: "Mailing chickenpox illegal" #
  • Just realized "benefactor" from @BigBang_CBS also voice of Malory on @archerprod– Jessica Walters; she does a great "brassy old rich lady". #
  • RT @IMDb: Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson. #
  • Reverse prob also exists- ppl push development of software solution when just little bit of cheap labor will do trick: #
  • MT @TheDailyShow: Bill Clinton (@Clintonbook) talks about what US can do to restore its competitive position in world. #
  • MT @TheDailyShow: Bill Clinton (@Clintonbook) describes plan for bringing high end manufacturing jobs back to US #
  • MT @TheDailyShow: Bill Clinton (@Clintonbook) describes how government, business should work 2gether 2 generate US jobs #
  • MT @stanfordeng: #Stanford led team seeks Iranian Americans 2 participate in 1st-ever Iranian Genome Project #irangenes #
  • Feel like @Stanford's John McCarthy was part of dying breed of great computer scientists: #
  • RT @adammathes: You couldn't create a monopoly on web access. Social Networks *do* create a (temporary) monopoly on the attention of people. #
  • Sort of true- Stanford, CA is already a CDP: @Stanford University Secedes From The Union: (from Stanford Flipside) #
  • "Like a Storm Trooper banged a winnebago." -From last night's #Colbert Platinum: #
  • RT @JimGaffigan: Doesn't it sometimes seem like Dr Phil is doing an impression of Dr Phil? #
  • Maybe comic strip can shed some light on all this "job creators" BS: MT @kennethrsharp: Hollingsworth Hound Goes Galt! #
  • New sketches looking good! RT @RobTheSentinel: A tombow marker sketch that I liked but am too lazy to scan, haha. #
  • Like balance of sexy, but not too exaggerated female form RT @RobTheSentinel: Some recent sketches, more tombow stuff. #
  • RT @RobTheSentinel: Lastly for the night, just finishing off a sketchbook. #x23 #
  • 11/8 @ColbertReport w/@SethMeyers21- "@NorthwesternU @Harvard of Evanston, @Harvard Northwestern of @Cambridge_Uni…" #
  • Lay off Santa just to save $660? MT @ColbertReport: Suffolk County fires Santa but #Colbert Super PAC saves Christmas #
  • My fav cheap/odd canvas: inside/back of broken down/flattened cigarette carton MT @RobTheSentinel: Drawing on pizza box #
  • Ppl seriously need to start learning difference between transvestite and transgender… #
  • Feel like "death on a triscuit"; orange juice, even 50% less sugar version, tastes like ambrosia right now. #
  • RT @TalibKweli: From Slick Rick to Grandmaster Caz, all rapped about riches they aint have. Historical context is important in hip hop too. #
  • RT @Andy_Richter: Which one of my twitter friends is going to help me clean up all this blood? #
  • Can't tell diff btwn real news & the @TheOnion / @ONN anymore: "Rick Perry tries to laugh off his epic brain freeze…" #

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