Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-27

  • Keep associating @jimmy_wales face w/@Wikipedia entry topic; 1st time this happened & good reason to get rid of photo: #
  • How depressing: "It's amazing to wake up at my age and not hurt!" – middle-aged looking woman in TempurPedic commercial #
  • *argh* didn't get to "eat lunch" 'til 8pm, making it even worse 2 discover @CoupaCafe screwed up & gave me veggie instead of strazza crepe! #
  • Oh, excitement of getting new BlackBerry! (Just via handset insurance, but got lucky- getting slight upgrade b/c my current Bold model NA) #
  • RT @stanfordeng: The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards. ~ Arthur Koestler #quote #
  • Jump to 5:25: @CraigyFerg's "Chicken Margaret" story from 11/15 monologue: (The funniest stories are true.) #
  • 3.2 -> 5 MP camera upgrade sweet & know 7 already out, but BlackBerry 6 OS on new Bold 9780 huge change! Very slick, esp Social Feeds. #
  • Ha, Ice-T Re: Not being a big fan of Thanksgiving RT @FINALLEVEL: RT @emilyhargitay: @FINALLEVEL Why not!? /// Ask the Indians. #
  • Like the new @Stanford uniforms, not sure how I feel about Condi's Eddie-Murphy-Raw-era lookin' red leather jacket… #
  • Yeah, GO @Stanford! RT @stanfordmag: Stanford defeats Notre Dame 28-14, ends regular season 11-1. #
  • Is there some kind of rule for every Andrew Luck interview, have to mention he's an architecture major? #

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