Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-04

  • Best part of Facebook/FTC deal: committing to 20 yrs of privacy audits (tho, depends on who is doing the auditing): #
  • Really need to keep up with xkcd better; the amazing MONEY CHART: #
  • Wow, 50% of US men will get cancer?! Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee discusses history & science of cancer on @ColbertReport: #
  • ATTN Luckys customers: an identity theft warning was issued for several Bay Area stores (thanks Kestrel for the FYI): #
  • Ha, it's a small @Stanford world after all! Reading this for info on family & FB & realized I know author's husband: #
  • "I know the reach of Western culture. I am Western culture." – @StephenAtHome's great interview w/N African band Tinarewen on @ColbertReport #
  • B&E + armed robbery in @Stanford grad apt tonite; sudden rise in crime on campus over last yr or we just didn't hear about it b4 AlertSU? #
  • Nice; too bad no Nate Dogg- RIP… MT @UberSoc: Quite literally next episode of Dr. Dre & Snoop. Did they rock it? Yes. #
  • Prob w/Occupy @Stanford: small # (< 5 ppl), but also camped out on couches w/laptops & whiteboard like everyone else on Meyer Lib 1st flr… #
  • Rap Snacks seem lot less weird now ( @Stanford study on potato chips & social class identity: #
  • Not 2 hate on Unconference, but increase from 35=>50% of IT budget for staff comp not really that big when over 25 yrs: #
  • *scoff* Mercator projection is so passe… (via xkcd) #
  • RT @mcsweeneys: Upcoming Changes to Your Friends With Benefits Coverage. #
  • Haven't slept in 33 hrs- do I try to nap or push thru til evening? Pushing thru to hopefully be extra tired enough to avoid more insomnia… #
  • Kind of weird "Ender" old enuff to be on @twitter b4 the movie… MT @EndersAnsible: OSC comments on @asabfb Asa … #
  • When did hoggers become so popular to fuel *2* reality shows? (I'm looking at you, @AETV…) #
  • PEBKAC: "What kind computer do you have? And please don't say 'a white one'…" (Sheldon on @BigBang_CBS) #

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