Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • #petpeeve broken English subtitled like a foreign lang- just try harder & turn on CC if really necessary; trust me, it will help you IRL. #
  • Always find the website difficult to navigate so maybe I'm missing something, but does Plaxo no longer have free version of sync software? #
  • Always try to avoid commercials (thanks @TiVo!), but happened to catch "Michael" PS3 commercial & can't help loving it: #
  • Understand why you have to sit thru ads b4 (free) videos, but in this case, have to watch an ad to view a commercial?! #
  • Want to see "Chipwrecked", esp Chipmunks & Chipettes performing @ladygaga Bad Romance & @OfficialWillow Whip My Hair: #
  • @kennethrsharp I've been tasked with the holiday trivia contest again– can I test it out on you? #
  • Having verbalized it today, can't look at this wall in my apt w/o strong urge to cover it w/whiteboard paint… #
  • How did I manage to miss watching the "origins" ep of @BigBang_CBS? (Season 3, ep 22: "The Staircase Implementation") #
  • Oh, man… "Granny's old washer is a workin'-still…" – Tickle (yes, that's the man's name) #Moonshiners #
  • "When Harry Met Sally" must be responsible for gens of women investing 20s & early 30s trying to make single troubled relationship work. #

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