Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

  • Broke- not cracked- a tooth yesterday; thanks to Drs. Amidi (Mt View) & Javidan (Palo Alto) for great, fast help, esp on a Sunday night. #
  • Correction: "When Harry Met Sally" responsible for gens of women spending yrs trying to turn rocky friendships into working relationships. #
  • @jrm4 Expect geeky gifts for your new arrival by the end of the week 🙂 #
  • Given my temper, really think I should get credit for not going "fundamental standard/honor code/judicial affairs" on assh*le students. #
  • RT @JimGaffigan: Twitter is so much easier than being outgoing. #
  • RT @RealWizKhallifa: I hate it how we can text 24/7 but when we meet up it's awkward. #
  • How can a book be easily bought on @Amazon, but in Special Collections/Rare Books/Non-circulating @Stanford ("Twins" – Wood/Geasland)? #
  • East Coast peeps: I'll be visiting the Tri-State Area next week; hit me up & let me know if you want to get together. #
  • On Occupy @Stanford (that's our whiteboard w/the Occu-poem on the 1st floor of Meyer Library): #
  • Finding pine cone in parking garage in CA outside of Tahoe is like finding 4-leaf clover in middle of NY winter. #
  • At @Stanford Lib holiday party got double-take when asked if on special yrs of service list & I said "Yes- 10 yrs": #
  • Seriously can't take any more Herman Cain- get filled w/so much E.F. (Embarassed Feeling) for him (check out tonite's @TheDailyShow). #
  • Wow… you think some low level guy @ Fox News did this on purpose to torpedo "moderate, progressive" Romney? #
  • Forgot @FINALLEVEL in CB4! (CB4 good ex of film full of ppl now super famous/successful but wasn't huge box office hit) #
  • Try 2 avoid all things Kardashian, but caught ep this AM & really feel 4 Kim- I would've split 2 if I got that crap from my husband. #
  • Been losing voice since yesterday, around end of @Stanford Lib holiday party- like those librarians all used some psychic power to shush me. #
  • Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ridiculous & confirms every fear I had over his "crackdown" on illegal immigrants: #
  • Double whammy w/techie joke & pun! RT @JimGaffigan: They said this new Macintosh operating system was better but they were Lion. #
  • Felt need for similar intervention when I realized recently Bachmann still running: @TheDailyShow on @newtgingrich #
  • "As it turns out"? MT @ColbertReport: .@FoxNews identifies @MittRomney w/@BarackObama photo, @megynkelly rights error. #
  • Only in America: Santa (not parents) explains challenge of Christmas on a budget & takes photos w/guns + kids: #colbert #
  • Not even into official winter break closure yet, but already 1 server issue this AM- not a good sign for the on-call schedule. #
  • Not sure what this is- sinus infection, pneumonia?- but came on really bad, really fast; feel like office is a giant petri dish- back 2 bed! #

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