Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

  • Nice: airport shop had "The Girl Who Played with Fire"; sometimes it pays to read popular fiction. #
  • Goin' Back to Cali: sorry I was too sick to hang w/East Coast folks; I'll have to check you next time. #
  • Just heard over the PA @ EWR: "Would passenger 'Morning Star' please come to the podium?" The Devil has a name & he flies US Airways. #
  • RT @Andy_Richter: 6yo daughter, gazing at burning candle: "Oh, I love the gleaming light of fire." #
  • Unbelievable- just when I thought air travel had gotten easier, delayed b/c of weather & now playing airline/airport shuffle. #
  • Short of maybe a daycare center, an airport has to be the worst place to have a migraine. #
  • RT @stanfordeng: Mind boggling! Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet (infographic) #
  • Finally back in the Bay Area; thanks to Cisco for coming thru in a pinch- "Economy Lot #1 quot; never sounded so good. #
  • Complimentary jump start @ SJC nice, if you can figure out what phone number to call- had to look it up on their website; pls post it! #
  • Cleaning up massive pile of junk etc. in my apt in hopes of really getting my life together in 2012. #
  • Apparently, can no longer spell "fuchsia" correctly, unlike when (I think) it was my winning word in 8th grade Circleville MS spelling bee. #

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