Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • Anybody know how to get Korean fonts to work w/English installation of #WordPress When I save posts, Korean characters just become "???". #
  • Finally, ESPN starts their Fiesta Bowl coverage- GO @Stanford! #gostanford #cardinalfiesta #
  • RT @Stanford: RT @StanfordFball: The Anthem has been sung & we are ready for some football #gostanford #cardinalfiesta #
  • RT @evancombs: Another Red Zone TD. Just rename it the Cardinal Zone. #cardinalfiesta #abettershadeofred @StanfordFball @Luck4Heisman #
  • Not sure what's worse: being black guy on TV w/last name "White" or "Blackmon"; of course, if you get to play in BCS game, who cares… #
  • Wish they would air our great @LSJUMB shows on TV… RT @MrShess: Coolest halftime show I've ever seen. Way to go @stanford #fiestabowl #
  • RT @evancombs: David Shaw, what were you so afraid of? putting the ball in the hands of the best QB in Stanford history? #
  • Unbelievable- neck & neck all the way thru! Great game- good job @Stanford (can't feel too bad in light of OSU plane crash) #cardinalfiesta #
  • Stanford Cardinal fans in AZ- bring your papers when you go to drown your sorrows; don't need jail on top of BCS loss… #cardinalfiesta #
  • Effect of Heating Pad on Cat- she stayed put for the entire Fiesta Bowl (4 hrs) & she's still lounging… #
  • RT @stanfordeng: Thx @ahmetalpbalkan for sharing. Advice from #Stanford Prof Donald Knuth to young computer programmers #
  • RT @jrm4: rt @gknauss You can tell Monopoly is an old game because there's a luxury tax and rich people can go to jail. #
  • Wrote this up yesterday during the game: recipe for (my mom's) black ginger tea, great for nausea, maybe even anxiety: #
  • Finally! RT @ComedyCentral: Michele Bachmann quits and @Indecision tries to figure out what she's going to do next. #
  • Ridiculous: US Airways email confirms they will never find portfolio I left on plane despite reporting it right when I got to baggage claim. #
  • RT @TheOnion: Obama Openly Asks Nation Why On Earth He Would Want To Serve For Another Term #
  • OMG, Simon would sing the lead on Aha's "Take On Me" (Alvin & The Chipmunks) #
  • Wow MT @angryasianman: Pvt. Chen called gook, chink, dragon lady; forced to wear green helmet, shout orders in Chinese: #

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