Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

  • Dear USPS: why make store approved provider of stamps (+ bank inside too), but NOT put a mailbox anywhere in the entire giant strip mall? #
  • RT @kumailn: "And I'm playing devil's advocate here" is Latin for "You can stop listening now." #
  • Watching "The Eagle": odd to see Donald Sutherland as Roman in movie about Roman Britain when he owns a giant portion of Scotland… #
  • Fascinating; catch the re-air + prequels MT @HBO: @Paradiselost3 airs tonight at 9. WATCH: #pl3 @HBODocs #
  • RT @jimmyfallon: Tim Tebow + David Bowie = Tebowie. #latenight #tebowie #
  • So sad- lady just paids hundreds of $ to dental office & then asks if she can use the phone, offering to pay any fees to use it… #
  • Dental drama: idea of spending tons of $$$ & months getting implant not very attractive over just pulling tooth & dealing w/consequences… #
  • RT @mchris4duke: The Thinker is coming home to @Stanford ! #
  • On late night stalking: even I get creeped out by how much stuff I can dig up on somebody– esp ppl I haven't talked to in 10+ yrs… #
  • Really like Charles Barkley- jump to 5:25 to hear him speak the truth on being a college athlete (12/21/11 @TeamCoco): #
  • .@jimmyfallon's impressions have special finesse, beyond just someone's voice/accent/look, like this @rustyrockets one: #
  • "I have no affiliation w/law enforcement, but I played an FBI agent on TV for 9 yrs." – David Duchovny @ jury duty #

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