Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • Charles Barkley @nbcsnl sketch "White People Problems" reminds me of "In Living Color" (which is rumored for comeback): #
  • Wow, looking for vintage manual typewriter & they run in the hundreds of $$$; should have held onto the one I had in high school… #
  • Photo: Very cool calendar from @Stanford Visual Art Services, feat. photo taken @ Red Barn. #
  • Went to look something up & ended up reading thru some old HS yearbook signings- you know, some of you sound… #
  • Good post on youth-centered tech culture & what happens @ 35: #
  • MT @agilemanager: Wonder which consulting firm advised airlines that removing staff authority & empowerment was best way to protect profits? #
  • FACT CHECK: Distortions in GOP debate – Yahoo! News #
  • RT @kumailn: No wikipedia. Today I feel like how my parents probably feel every day. #
  • RT @TheOnion: Supreme Court Overturns 'Right v. Wrong' #
  • via @TheOnion – Converse Shoes (CON) #
  • President Obama Asks To See Betty White's Birth Certificate #
  • A Day's Worth of Facts to Get You Through Wikipedia's 24-Hour Blackout (from McSweeney's): #
  • Photo: Weird- new monitor so glossy I can see my reflection all day long, esp w/giant Terminal windows. #
  • The @Wikipedia blackout is relatively easy to circumvent, but at least it's got people's attention focused on #SOPA .. #
  • Photo: Found @Stanford: report for massive German wine order from 1987 (when there were 2 Germanys) #
  • Dibs on naming hypothetical future daughter "Harper Lee"… #
  • RT @kabbenbock: Incredibly stoked to learn that Amit finally got his match! (with Jennifer) #
  • "New" programming jargon: (thanks @amschorsch!) #
  • Truly appreciate mailing lists that give you an HTML vs text preference… #
  • Food stamp families to critics: Walk in our shoes: #
  • After #SOPA & #PIPA protests, timing of the MegaUpload shutdown is creepy… #
  • OMG Burt Reynolds & Pimm's Cup! Thanks to East Coast feed of @FXNetworks, got to see how great tonite's @archerprod new ep is- check it out! #
  • Wonder if guys who wear eyeliner put as much thought into their purchasing decision/preferences as women? #
  • "Sometimes I'll read music & then listen to a book on tape." – Steven Wright #

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