Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

  • Sudden desire for some cava… #
  • Ballsy: Was bcc'ed on recruiting email sent directly to author of awesome Intro to Programming books much loved @Stanford Prof Eric Roberts. #
  • Watched @HBODocs "The Loving Story"; reminds me how much I'm moved when I see old interracial (and/or gay) couples- they broke barriers. #
  • Sorry- forgot link to "The Loving Story": #
  • Ha! "seagull management" RT @kenblanchard: How to Evaluate Your Leadership Style #
  • What u think about ur leadership style doesn’t matter- style judged by those immediately influenced by it @kenblanchard #
  • From yesterday obviously RT @EnderSpeaker: Isn't it sweet that they named today after my big sister #
  • RT @kumailn: While you're down there. #candyheartrejects #
  • RT @stanfordeng: Have you hugged an engineer today? #happyvalentinesday #
  • Probably not most appropriate comment, but I thought it was funny: "Sorry for the wait- lot of people trying to die today." – ER Doctor #
  • @RobTheSentinel Check out these comic book headphones! #
  • @RobTheSentinel I know! Probably going to go back & pick them up– esp useful now that we have an open plan @ office (no cube walls!)… #
  • Photo: Got the Marvel Comics Vintage Print DJ-Style Headphones- so hot! (from iHip, which carry other… #
  • Photo: Closer detail on iHip Marvel Comics Vintage Print DJ-Style Headphones… #
  • @RobTheSentinel See pics of Marvel Comics headphones? Pretty HQ sound & designed for semi-pro DJs: #
  • Bizarre: didn't sleep last night & woke up from unintentional 20 min nap to see Bob Costas interviewing Pootie Tang. #
  • RT @CoryBooker: My statement on today's veto of #MarriageEquality bill in NJ: #
  • Bay Area peeps: heading to Devil's Canyon (Belmont) tonite as part of SF Beer Week- join us! #
  • Photo: Enjoying beers at the Devil’s Canyon Kaleidoscope event… #
  • In the city for #SFBeerWeek hit me up if you're around and want to meet up. #
  • Photo: On Caltrain to enjoy #SFBeerWeek (Notice my hot new Marvel Comics headphones!) #
  • Photo: Close up of art on Marvel Comics Vintage DJ Style Headphones… #

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