Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

  • Caltrain ride home hilarious ex of great SF Bay Area diversity- racial jokes bounced happily among passengers from all diff backgrounds. #
  • FYI, @BevMo is having their awesome 5 cent sale right now… #
  • Photo: Neighbors brought over “Happy Sunday” cupcake & I got outed when THEIR cat greeted them from inside… #
  • Hilarious: @nbcsnl doing Obama doing Cosby: #
  • Hello… Is it me you're looking for? RT @FINALLEVEL: Name this musical Super OG with Coco… A very cool dude. #
  • Great cold open RT @nbcsnl: The guys on this NBA show are all about Linsanity! #
  • "Mitt Romney… looks like at any minute he might try to hand you a tip." -@nbcsnl "How's He [Obama] Doing?" #
  • Sometimes @nbcsnl just hits it on the head- "Really?!? with Seth & Amy" on recent birth control coverage controversy: #
  • Maya Angelou Prank Show from @nbcsnl (funny, respectful & well done– need I say more?): #
  • Anybody know if you can & how to embed self-hosted WordPress/JW Player plugin Flash video on outside websites (like you do w/YouTube)? #
  • Photo: Archer & Babou Video Clip Take 2: click thru for the video & explanatory blog post. #
  • Anybody know of any Dominican restaurants in the SF Bay Area? #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: Say what you will about the Father of Lies–he always showed up to Lies' T-ball games. #
  • Crooked Lettaz warned you: "1 government, 1 card & 1 chip… & when you use that smart bank card… they know your exact location…" #
  • Photo: Hey look: using my little bap-sang to actually eat instead of to work on my laptop as usual! #
  • Must watch for true sci-fi fans: @ScienceChannel series "Prophets of Science Fiction": #
  • Clarke, Asimov, Dick: they shouldn't be called "Prophets of Science Fiction"– more like "Prophets of Science" or maybe just "Prophets"… #
  • @FINALLEVEL Finally watched last wk's @nbcsvu; loved how you (& Cragen) had Rollins's back- took care of business & kept it real. #
  • Wish someone would invent the hair dryer thing Zhora the replicant uses in "Blade Runner". #
  • Why no more @gmail app for BlackBerry? Sorry, but mobile site poor substitute for the app when you have to search/access gigs of old mail… #
  • I give up- refuse to close 3 Terminal windows, 2 browsers w/multiple tabs, & unhook everything from my laptop to go to a max 30 min meeting, #
  • The Pizza Algorithm (may require adjustment for college students): #
  • Just aced my hearing test 🙂 Still, think I could do better if I took it again… #
  • Photo: Evolution of a blood pressure cuff. #
  • So hilarious MT @TeamCoco: Watch @ConanOBrien & @DeonCole pig out on soul food until coronary arteries moan in agony: #
  • Jack McBrayer on #ArcherFX Hooray! (That's not sarcasm…) #
  • Great @PersonInterest tonite; high-tech Wall Street & Boiler Room. #
  • RT @Stanford: RT @mollyclare: Cycling in San Francisco is like being in a herd of gazelles. Cycling around … #
  • E! Special description: "Actors and actresses speak about their careers and uncensored opinions." Oh no, this could be bad… #

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