Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

  • @amschorsch RT @EndersAnsible: Have a laugh Ender fans #endersgame #
  • WTF- 3 wks seems excessive… MT @HOUSEonFOX: Due to Daytona 500 race, #house is preempted. All-new episode on Monday, March 19 at 8/7c. #
  • PBHS alumni: remember the "gunman" that got in around the late '90s, before even Columbine? Strange- seemed like no big deal back then… #
  • Promoting higher ed isn't being a "snob" & 4-yr colleges not only type of higher ed- we need the whole spectrum: #
  • @deoncole Love your spots on #Conan but they keep misspelling your name on closed captions ("Dion")! #
  • Women on O2 in Life Alert ad: "I will cut down on bread, beer, wine or soda, but I won't give up Life Alert." Well, yeah, should hope so… #
  • Love @MRbelzer, but why does he get top billing on @TiVo desc of "Get on the Bus", film about Black men from LA on trip 2 Million Man March? #
  • From #ArcherFX so love it of course: RT @adammathes: thats a thing? via @textagon #
  • Mystery, anticipation & surprise added to every link now w/everyone using URL shorteners; need more warning types than just #NSFW #
  • If I was a Republican, all the negative campaigning just amongst the candidates would make me so embarrassed & "want to throw up". #
  • Maybe for "Get on the Bus", but quick check = not true for other programs. RT @kennethrsharp: @sindyjlee @mrbelzer @tivo Alphabetical order? #
  • Video: Probably NSFW, but definitely gross/crazy: “cheesing” is apparently a real thing- thanks @SouthPark…… #
  • Just got way too excited about finding the SortedDict class in #Django .. #
  • Tired, but satisfied feeling on drive home w/major app release ready for launch while CA sun still shining- sun roof open, music blasting. #
  • RT @azizansari: He really said this in his speech. Unreal. “@questlove: POTUS to @AzizAnsari: I got more twitter followers than you man!” #
  • Video: Never knew baby goats bounce around- OMG this is so cute! (Thanks Kestrel!) #
  • RT @mcsweeneys: An Open Letter to People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle: #

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