Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

  • RT @JimGaffigan: Well, I’m heading to the gym. I mean I’m going to watch TV standing up while I slowly move my legs. #
  • Prisoner rights chat came up recently; all worry about due process, but rights don't end w/prison: (thanks @LaTonyaBTD) #
  • Photo: Asked to share infographic on online privacy/security, ominously entitled “You Are Not Safe Online”… #
  • Does looking up ppl who took your preferred username on social media sites count as stalking? Or just maintaining your brand? #
  • .@WhiteCollarUSA #trivia Diahann Carroll were HS classmates w/Billy Dee Williams (guest star)- LaGuardia (think "Fame")- take that @imdb! #
  • RT @Kamikaze601: Society is no longer run by the White male dynamic. Get over it. Adapt. Retool your message #
  • MT @Kamikaze601: World we live in now much more diverse/inclusive/tolerant than you may like but it is what it is; never going back to that. #
  • MT @Kamikaze601: Republicans if u DONT want me to think youre against anything NOT Christian, NOT White, NOT rich. Do better job w/narrative #
  • RT @LaRocOfDemBoyz: #FISTPUMPREMIXVIDEO BY @DemBoyzMuzik Feat. @FlawlessRichKid and @KAMIKAZE601 #
  • Video: Fist Pump Remix from @DemBoyzMuzik, featuring (among others) the great @Kamikaze601! #
  • Remember when goodie bags came w/toys & candy? Now mine come with a soft toothbrush & Sensodyne toothpaste. #

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