Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

  • Love it- infographic on lamest @Wikipedia edit wars: #
  • Now for some real news: the $412 DC check that screwed Siegel & Shuster on their Superman deal now up for auction: #
  • So sad: @Stanford athlete Sam Wopat passed away last night: #
  • RT @StanfordWVB: Thank you for all the love and support for the Wopats and for the Stanford Volleyball family. #
  • Remember context part of racial profiling: how some1 treats neighbors, coworkers of color may not = how s/he might react on dark st @ nite. #
  • Think little bit of @KeyAndPeele @ObamaTranslated is getting into the real @BarackObama: (via @TheDailyShow– love it) #
  • Brilliant! MT @TheDailyShow: Tonite Wyatt Cenac & John Oliver show us fashion less about how u look than how u feel…threatening to others. #
  • RT @ColbertReport: "If you want to avoid getting pregnant there is only one surefire way: be a man." — Stephen Colbert #
  • MT @angryasianman: Cindy- lived in the U.S. since age 7, faces deportation to S Korea, where she has no home or family: #
  • Photo: Bay Fish & Chips: 2 fish tanks- 1 right near fryer- so twisted, but still best fish & chips in area. #
  • Oh thank you God- a meme-themed episode of @SouthPark! #
  • Can practically feel the meme explosion on the Internet after tonite's @SouthPark#
  • Photo: Stumbled upon handful of pretty pansies in surburban sprawl on a crappy day. #
  • New @BigBang_CBS tonite with @TheRealNimoy! #
  • .@azizansari on his visit with POTUS & why I love @BarackObama: (on @jimmyfallon) #
  • RT @pattonoswalt: Think I just won the lottery — everyone around me is gathering stones and muttering, "Let's get this thing over with." #
  • Photo: Cake (complete w/@Stanford Libraries Rosette) & champagne this morning at the office… #
  • Apparently, there is a Dr Oz Effect: every shop out of stuff he recommends on his show within weeks; even manufacturer is out for months. #
  • Despite Geraldo's "advice", now prob best time 2 wear #Hoodie cuz supposed 2 make stmt- nobody shot when they became hipster fashion trend. #
  • Rhetological Fallacies: (Favorite: Appeal to Flattery- including example). #

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