Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • God's twisted Easter Egg just for me: frantic hour-long search for missing iPod. "Clean your apt- Happy Easter!" Forever yours, God. #
  • Ha- OAPE Selects 24 Random Freshman to Participate in the Drinking Games: (via @flipsideupdate) #
  • Best (and geekiest) compliment I've received in awhile: "You have a nice coding style." (Specifically Python/Django, in this case.) #
  • In both the #HungerGames & booze, find water- it will be your best friend: (from @Stanford @flipsideupdate) #
  • WTS w/Merck's scary ass negative ads?! "It is bad-it's something you never want to encounter. SHINGLES-the virus may already be inside you." #
  • Creepy way to close "return/refund loophole" that's been open since, like, forever? Best Buy swiping IDs on returns: #
  • Awesome- Who said it, James Joyce or Kool Keith? #
  • Can finally realize our prize-winning virtual reality game we came up w/circa 2000 in Comm 169 @Stanford w/invention of @google glasses! #
  • Both really messed up & kind of awesome/funny- boy brings stepfather's heroin to show and tell: #
  • Don't know how much they mean it, but a refreshing statement in feedback request: "I would appreciate your complete candor." (from AAA) #
  • MT @politico: Law enforcement official says George Zimmerman will be charged w/second-degree murder and is in custody: #
  • Depends whether she kept the books MT @StanfordLibs: "Chelsea still has overdue fines? She graduated in … #
  • Oh man, this @Stanford ASSU election drama ( is getting serious, complete infographic: #
  • Of course a rocket, not a bday satellite for Kim Il Sung. MT @politico: N Korea fires long-range rocket, S Korea says #
  • North Korean Rocket Launch Fails: U.S. Officials – ABC News (via @ABC) #
  • Go @CoryBooker (& @Stanford)! Newark Mayor saves woman from fire (in addition to all his other great work): #
  • Food aid to starving country = compassion; launch was going to happen no matter what. On N Korea launch: via @politico #
  • Anonymous emails spark controversy in ASSU elections: (via @Stanford_Daily) #
  • Photo: WTS- these ducks follow me around garage when I come home & today wouldn’t get out of my parking… #
  • Photo: Friend’s cat got knocked up when she got out for few days, but here’s adorable result! #
  • Check out @DineOut4Life in your city- 4/26 dining fundraiser; percentage of sales go to HIV/AIDS service orgs: #
  • via @TheOnion – Nation's Poor Bastards Never Even Saw It Coming #
  • "Campus dialogue hit a low this week…" @Stanford_Daily Letter from the Editor on this week's ASSU Election drama: #
  • "Our actions have consequences and our words matter." @Stanford_Daily Op-Ed on ASSU drama & collective accountability: #
  • @RobTheSentinel Sequel to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (awesome TV series, not horrible movie) premieres today! Check out "Legend of Korra"! #

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