Selections From My High School Yearbook

1997 Pine Bush High School Yearbook
1997 PBHS Yearbook - "Windows"
I have a general policy of only friending people on Facebook that I actually a) have met in real life and b) know to some extent (not just met in passing once– unless you’re really awesome). Despite those requirements, some people have managed to slip through– sadly, I’ve accepted or even made friend requests for some people that years later, I can barely remember how I knew them in the first place. Or perhaps even worse, I’ve friended people from high school only to have to go back and look them up in my old yearbooks because I can’t remember much about them or, after seeing some posts, realize they’re not who I thought they were. I know– it kind of makes me a horrible classmate, acquaintance, friend, maybe even person (hopefully only a little bit).

On the bright side though, this has given me the opportunity to look through my old high school yearbooks and aside from the great photos, quotes and other random content, the notes people wrote when they signed my yearbook are, more often than not, quite lengthy and, more importantly, still pretty entertaining. So, aside from numerous mentions of Stanford and then-future classmate Chelsea Clinton, here are some of the best selections (slightly edited) from my unfortunately-themed (“Windows”) high school yearbook from 1997, my senior year. I’ll leave them anonymous to protect the innocent, goofy teens of our past (unless you want to be attributed, though I wonder if you can recognize your own):

Interesting intellectual and political commentary:

  • “Well, in excess of our ideological differences, I did enjoy talking with you… May all your capitalistic dreams come true and live life to the fullest. Peace, love and socialism. See you on the commune comrade, Comrade [name]. May McCarthy do what he will… I will fight on.”
  • “Sile et philosophus esto.* But qui tacet consentit!** As bees practice geometry, eagles do not catch flies.”

Optimistic view of my future:

  • “Don’t forget me Sindy when you’re rich and famous and found a cure for cancer… Why? Well, because I have you and [cute boy] sleeping over my house tonight.”
  • If you ever become rich and famous, send me $.”

And the usual, but still touching and much-appreciated messages on friendship and best wishes:

  • “I’m really happy that we bonded this year through our friend or actually your life- the computer.”
  • “Stay the way you are b/c you’re a cool chick that I really respect.”
  • “Je t’aimerai toujours comment la sœur ne je n’ai jamais eu.*** There is a use for my useless knowledge; it makes you laugh! Thanks for sharing yours with me.”
  • “I leave you… a group of men who can appreciate attractive and intelligent women. Go to the beach in November for me… Smile, don’t let people get to you. Let them know you’re from New York. There’s always a plate of food for you at my house… Put on ‘Hungry Like A Wolf’ again.”
  • “Well, knowing you has been interesting… Now [list of friends one year behind me] are the new senior class. Havoc, chaos, practical jokes, polite molestations and nudity will fill the halls of Pine Bush.”

I might follow up with more from earlier yearbooks, but in the meantime and in all seriousness, thanks to everyone who wrote such nice things way back then. Hope everyone is doing well!

* Latin: Hold your tongue and you will pass for a philosopher.
** French: He who remains silent consents.
*** French: I will always love you like the sister I never had.

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