Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • With this + Miami face-eating man, news lately feels like ep of #CriminalMinds Mailed Body Parts Identified #
  • Nowadays, keeping up w/Twitter/news/etc feeds feels like homework for thirty somethings; catching up now after procrastinating all weekend. #
  • RT @Stanford: The best way to land a job is still word of mouth #
  • @nwrdcmfrt Love it! RT @GuyKawasaki: Rap map NYC #
  • ATTN @STANFORD RESCOMP/RCC ALUMNI: looking for those working in "real world" for a teleconference; hit me up- more details coming soon. #
  • @jrm4 Thought you might like this… RT @GuyKawasaki: Rap map NYC #
  • ATTN RESCOMP/RCC ALUMNI: join us online on 6/20 to help w/presentation on @Stanford RCC program; hit me up if interested & pls pass this on! #
  • RT @PFTompkins: Wow. SAINT Judas. Truly, Christ is no grudge-holder. He don't just talk the talk! #
  • Progress! Had to jerry-rig RSS feed few yrs ago to keep up w/@mcsweeneys lists & now there's a whole iOS app! #
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: Stereotyping t-shirt consumers #
  • MT @angryasianman: Watching TV could boost your kid's self-esteem-if he's a white boy. Everybody else, sucks to be you: #
  • RT @simonhelberg: So is C. Thomas Howell black or not? #
  • RT @iamboomkack: Everyday ? Newday /via @Realtaeyang #
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: A brief history of video games #
  • Day & Night: short film extra from “Toy Story 3”; like all Pixar stuff, adorable, clever & poignant (video): #
  • "The Muppet Pipes" backstage at Studio 6B, decorated by Jim Henson & Frank Oz while waiting to be on Jack Paar in 1964: #
  • More reason to let your kids get dirty every once in a while- US hyper hygiene linked to inflammation: #
  • RT @AP: BREAKING: Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, has died in California, his daughter says. #
  • RIP… RT @thedailybeast: Author Ray Bradbury Dies #cheatsheet #
  • Love this scene from Madagascar 2 of Gloria meeting Moto Moto- he likes ‘em big, chunky & look at her go at that straw! #
  • "Guess who didn't find the afikomen." (blank stares) "It's like an Easter egg hunt w/a matzo." – Capt. Ross, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" #
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: Puma gives old sneakers a proper send-off #
  • Can't help but like VPOTUS Biden when he's got such a great wife: Dr. Jill Biden on @ColbertReport: #
  • MT @CarnegieMellon: Must-have kit: 80 bricks to connect Tinkertoys to K'Nex to Legos, thanks to Golan Levin (@golan) #
  • "Times have changed." "Yeah, it's not all Ataris & beepers out there." "We got a black President now." "You don't call-you text." #MenAtWork #
  • Nothing funny re: friend's story about guy who hit ducks b/c they took too long cross the road- until she said "eggs came out & everything." #
  • You go @kathynajimy on #MenAtWork w/the ganas & your mocha Fonzie! Looked gorgeous! On her weight loss: (from her FAQ) #
  • Oh, poor Head Cone Ziggy… (photo): #
  • Anchor Management: yup, that’s really what somebody named their boat. (photo): #
  • Just saw "Prometheus": good, but some definitely gross parts & don't think I'd see it again; still trying to wrap my head around what I saw. #
  • $5 for soda @ movies almost worth it for this awesome & sturdy "Hunger Games" cup; will be holding onto it (photo): #
  • When I first heard about buzz for #DjangoUnchained seriously thought it was excitement about web framework (photo): #
  • Uh, great anti-drunk driving msg… RT @Koreatown: DUI / Sobriety checkpoint until 2-3 AM… RT @dollylulu: Check point Vermont/6th #

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