Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

  • For true hip hop fans: very hot Run–D.M.C. desktop wallpaper from Nor Sanavongsay on Simple Desktops: #
  • You go Ice! "That dude's just a tadpole. He turned Vicki. Let me turn him." – @FINALLEVEL on #SVU #
  • When will we forget? via xkcd #
  • College not quite the “real world” when there's magical, omnipresent chocolate milk: (taken @Stanford Arrillaga Dining) #
  • via @mental_floss – Going Viral: How Two Pakistani Brothers Created the First PC Virus via @sharethis #
  • Kudos to @Zappos– never got original package UPS say they delivered, so was sent immediate replacement, next day shipping, no charge. #
  • Amazing how much a new pair of kicks- especially @Converse– can brighten up your whole day (photo): #
  • Target restroom wall: Live Well Laugh Often Love Much- this was exact theme of my 1997 HS commencement speech (photo): #
  • Sorry Comcast- I think I'm finally tapping out; you can't beat @sonicnet Fusion broadband AND phone for $40/month. #
  • Love it- Lloyd da Vinci as the Vitruvian Android (wallpaper): #

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