Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

  • Literally got sunnier as I drove onto campus this morning– welcome @Stanford Class of 2016! #
  • Got bombarded w/Gangnam Style yesterday– FYI, I don't think Americans get it's supposed to be ironic/tongue in cheek: #
  • One of the few times kids will be this excited to start the school year: @Stanford NSO Preview Video 2012 – YouTube #
  • "Not even week old, has 1000-yard stare of middle-aged man"- Newborn Loses Faith In Humanity After 6 Days via @TheOnion #
  • Bill Moggridge @Stanford prof, IDEO co-founder, developer of laptop, dies at 69 #
  • If you didn't already know, why you shouldn't date within your work (development) team: #
  • via @mental_floss – Don’t Copy That Floppy: The Best Bad PSA Ever Is a Rap From 1992 via @sharethis #
  • Re: Racist snack foods- amazingly, someone finding & posting clueless comment on 2006 blog post now an annual event: #
  • Re: Racist snack foods (cont.)- FYI, continuing to post clueless comments only further ensure that post stays up as is: #
  • Don't really need them per se, but subscribe b/c I just luv that they have a MOTD; highly recommend @sonicnet: #
  • Ha, thanks for the advice- just noticed bit of snarkiness in #FileZilla "Response: 421 Timeout – try typing a little faster next time". #

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