tumblr: #GeekConfession: I love using %s string formatting in python…

#GeekConfession: I love using %s string formatting in python because it reminds me of printf and scanf in C and the amazing, immediate, satisfying feeling of accomplishment when I was first learning to seriously study computer science and started to see the things I could do through #programming, from saying “Hello World!” to writing my first recursive function to print out the Fibonacci sequence to writing enterprise-level web applications.

Above: the well-known introductory programming book Programming Abstractions in C by former Stanford University Computer Science associate chair and director of undergraduate studies (when I was a student), then Senior Associate Dean for the School of Engineering, and now Faculty Director for Interdisciplinary Science Education for the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) (and always Professor) Eric Roberts. Open to “The scanf functions” section, this is the actual copy I used when I took CS 106B, the second in the introductory programming sequence that was the largest class at Stanford for many years and even my fellow writing tutors who were English majors would take it and say not only much how much they learned, but that it even made them better writers because it helped develop the way they think and reason.

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