tumblr: “2LEGIT” Combo— buttermilk fried chicken & belgian…

“2LEGIT” Combo— buttermilk fried chicken & belgian waffle with collard greens & mac ‘n’ cheese.

Maybe it’s because I was in desperate need of some comfort food, but OK, I’m sold on at least The Waffle Roost food truck setting up shop once in awhile in front of my apartment complex. It wasn’t really “hipsters ironically slumming it chic” like I was afraid it might be; it was more just families and single people alike in my apartment complex (which is huge with many buildings, making a lot of people “neighbors”) grabbing a quick and convenient dinner.

But I feel like that cartoon chicken is somehow racist, ah say, ah say. And I wonder how many people actually get the M.C. Hammer reference day-to-day?

(By the way, I didn’t have MTV growing up, so I had no idea until now that the full length music video for that song is 10 minutes long, the first four of which is this whole dramatic sequence with James Brown?! AND thanks again to the Internet, I ALSO learned today that the whole music video was actually a dance-off challenge to Michael Jackson for his sequined glove! What the… .?!)

Whatever. Nom nom nom.

(Ha ha, a Foghorn Leghorn reference— and another example of a cartoon chicken that I’m not quite sure is all that politically correct…)

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