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On Food Truck Names

I don’t know if it’s just the recent hipster love for food trucks, but you have to applaud food truck vendors for the effort they put into their “whimsical” names. This month’s food truck schedule at my apartment complex reads like a @McSweeneys List.

Seriously, like:

Hipster Food Truck Names

  1. Shark Bait – fish tacos and hamburgers.
  2. O Mi Ninja – Vietnamese street food.
  3. Road Dogs – Specialty hot hogs.
  4. Rice Rickit & Soulnese – Savory hood with Asian fusion twist and
    Asian soul food

Except for the title, word for word from the flyer. I love it when the real world and the “surreal” world of our squirrely little brains and clever little thoughts blur.

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