tumblr: Maybe only on the streets of San Francisco… Or New York…

Maybe only on the streets of San Francisco…

Or New York City would I look up to see this guy in a partial hot pink bear suit walk past me and not even give it a second thought. I only took some quick photos because I ended up walking behind him for several blocks during end of business day rush hour traffic. Which also made me realize that just like in NYC, both the guy in the bear suit and everyone else could not care less and were too busy getting on with their own lives to give this guy more than a brief double-take. Hey, after all— bear suit or not— we’ve all got places to go, things to do, so let’s keep it moving.

Of course, the outfit couldn’t help reminding me of the 90s club kid scene in New York, including Clara the Carefree Chicken (and crack addict).

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