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Do You Know How To Take The Subway Like A Real New Yorker?

I do— like a pro. Take the Buzzfeed quiz to find out if you do too!

I’ve never actually lived in New York City, but I grew up within a 50-mile radius my entire life before I moved out to California for college, so it is still THE definition of a city to me. Which is probably why I still ride public transportation like someone who has lived and/or worked in NYC— no talking, no food, no nothing. Just sit quietly— read a book/the paper, listen to music (note: only the person wearing the headphones should be able to hear what’s playing), stare out blankly in front of you (but definitely not at someone), whatever— and then get off when it’s your stop (no pushing— they will push back). Easy peasy.

Of course, easier said than done, especially after my latest adventures on San Francisco Bay Area public transportation (a lengthy post for another day).

Oh, and note: while sleeping might sound like a good idea, especially on those long, early morning commutes, unless you’re riding with someone who will watch your back— literally— I strongly recommend against it. I can never sleep in public anyway (probably for the reason I’m about to mention), but the funny thing is that in NY, it’s because someone might “mess with your person” (steal your stuff, grope you, whatever). But in San Francisco, it’s more because you really don’t want to miss your stop, especially on CalTrain. In NY, it might take you a little longer to get home, but for the most part, you can just jump on another train. In the SF Bay Area though, with multiple public transportation systems that don’t easily connect to each other and run on a schedule New Yorkers would find insufficient even for the holidays, you could end up in San Francisco or Gilroy either waiting an hour for a train you hope stops at your station (especially if you parked your car there) or finding a place to crash for the night until you can basically just start over the next day (unless you have a friend like me who will drive you home to Walnut Creek “on the way home” to the peninsula at one o’clock in the morning).

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