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#CaughtRedHanded: “We can’t even afford a good fake baby!”

Good thing it’s time to go back to work because I’ve now started watching random “basic cable” reality TV shows. Some I just won’t watch because I’ve given similar shows a chance before and felt they perpetuated negative stereotypes, glamourized and promoted superficial, shallow lifestyles, or exploited some people’s desperate need for attention and/or money— albeit willingly— so they could showcase painful and deeply personal moments in the life of a “celebrity” and everyone around them for entertainment purposes. However, more and more lately, I seem to find myself being amused by a commercial for a reality show, but have no idea who the “stars” are and/or why someone thought they were interesting or important enough to warrant having a camera crew follow them around so millions of people could observe their lives. I have to go look up most of them on Wikipedia.

And then there are the reality shows that focus on revealing a particular industry or business, which I think are actually relatively interesting (although they do take it too far some times with what counts as an “interesting” job) and less morally bankrupt than some other shows, although they do profit on embarrassing/shaming people on national TV even if the people probably deserve it, not to mention most likely consented to it if they signed some type of media release so the TV producers could use their image/video for the show.

In the case above— Caught Red Handed on truTV— they even show the shoplifters’ “mug shots” (well, at least the photos they keep in the given store/business), offenses (“attempted theft of Blu-Ray player”), FULL NAMES AND DOBS. WTF?! What a security and privacy nightmare?!

In any case, putting all that aside, I caught an episode of the show the other day and felt that not only did these shoplifters deserve to be caught, punished and embarrassed on national TV— they were using a fake baby to steal tablets from an electronics store— but I also thought the ending was hilarious. My favorite quotes:

On the woman in this man-woman-fake-baby scam:

“She is nuttier than a Porta Potty at a peanut festival… and I kind of like it!”

The woman exploding in anger after getting caught and about to be arrested:

“No, everything, all of this [bleep] is [her partner’s] fault… He even stole that hat, those sunglasses… And do you really think we can afford that watch?! We can’t even afford a good fake baby!” (slams doll on the table!)


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