tumblr: humansofnewyork: “I wish I hadn’t focused on my career so much…


“I wish I hadn’t focused on my career so much when my kids were young. I missed out on some key moments.”
“What was your thought process at the time?”
“I told myself that I was spending time away from them in order to improve their circumstances.”

From my experience, this is the same challenge many first generation immigrants face— they are so busy working to provide not just the necessities, but all the little extras and luxuries as well that they didn’t have growing up, from piano lessons to growing up in a real house in a good neighborhood with great schools. Sadly, in the end, this leaves many second generation “hyphenated Americans” growing up with two working parents who are rarely home. For many of us, our parents’ sacrifices helped us earn college degrees and better paying, white collar jobs— hopefully, this puts us and our children in a better position so that we don’t perpetuate the cycle and instead, develop a new “immigrant work ethic” that includes a healthy work-life balance and plenty of quality time for friends and family.

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