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A Mother’s Day Photo Set: 3 Generations, 50+ Years

  1. 할머니 (grandmother) and 엄마 (mom) celebrating my mother’s graduation, Korea. If still alive, my grandmother would be turning 103 this year!
  2. My fierce mama as a young woman back in Korea.
  3. Now somewhere in America with me bundled up on her back (that blanket is originally from Korea and I’m pretty sure, ~40 years later, we still have that blanket).
  4. My grandmother and mother again, this time coincidentally in front of the little above ground pool they would rescue me from when I was still a toddler. (Ask me sometime what a great swimmer my grandmother was— and I don’t need no stinkin’ Instagram. That photo looks old because it IS old.)
  5. Sometime in the late 80s, my mom and me at a church picnic (not at an old timey prison for pre-pubescents, as that hat I’m wearing might suggest).
  6. And finally, all grown up, me and my mom in Hawaii right before the new millennium. I’d started working (for some real scratch), so with the help of what money that saved, we were able to visit Korea for the first time in my life and in 20+ years for the rest of my immediate family. After a week in Seoul and surrounding areas, we spent a few days in Oahu as a family before we returned to the mainland to our various pursuits— me back to college in California, my brother back to working and traveling all around the country, and my parents back to their home and work in New York.

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