tumblr: UPS: Sorry We Missed You; ME: Really? Are you though? Dammit!…

UPS: Sorry We Missed You; ME: Really? Are you though?

Dammit! Been eagerly waiting for a package for 2 WHOLE WEEKS aka FOREVER (well, at least after the introduction of Amazon Prime). Didn’t go out until almost 9pm and was only gone for about 20 MINUTES, but still managed to:

  1. miss the UPS guy,
  2. miss him the ONE TIME somebody actually needed to sign for the package.

And I almost always prefer UPS because, unlike USPS (or at least my mailman), UPS actually attempts to deliver packages to my door/directly to me before/rather than always just leaving it at the apartment office if it doesn’t fit in my tiny mailbox (i.e., everything). And of course, the office is only open during most people’s work hours (albeit 7 days/week) and on the other side of the very large apartment complex.

Okay, sorry, out of my system. SMH, first world problems. Get over yourself, me.

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