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Lovely seaturtles

Sea Turtles
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My friend Marina finally finished the lovely piece of artwork shown here in my own little private dining room exhibit. The photos don’t do it justice, especially since I’m using my simple point-and-shoot DiMage and I couldn’t get the lighting to quite work out the way it should. Nevertheless, to take a closer look, check out the closeups of the whole piece, the left-hand panel and the right-hand panel.

Whiteboard Zen

Public Whiteboard in Meyer Library (Stanford)
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This whiteboard sits on the first floor of one of our undergraduate libraries and serves mainly to separate the “Teamspace” from the rest of the first floor lobby area. Usually unused, some students (or one industrious student with too much time on his hands) decided to decorate. But alas, all good things must come to an end. (Check out the close-up.)