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tumblr: Finally doing about half a decade’s worth of…

Finally doing about half a decade’s worth of #SpringCleaning and found these while tossing out the box my @DirecTV replacement receiver came in— held onto them because don’t they just scream “Arts & Crafts”? Like they’re just begging to help make/decorate Easter eggs or some third-grade science project growing lima beans?

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tumblr: Custom Icons for Your Desktop: If I have to look at it all day,…

Custom Icons for Your Desktop: If I have to look at it all day, I might as well make it fun…

I started customizing my icons awhile ago, but since I just got a brand new personal laptop for the first time in a long while, I went all out and replaced as many as I could and feel pretty happy with the way things look now.

Besides, your desktop, virtual or physical, says a lot about you, your personality, the way your work and even your current state of mind (messy desk, messy mind?).

How do you customize your icons?

Check out these instructions, including how to change Dock icons using LiteIcon (see software below).

My current desktop (it changes frequently) is captured above and as I go through some examples, I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Icon Sources

All of the icons I use are freely available (although you may want to check the specifics if planning on doing anything other than personal with these) and from two primary sites unless otherwise noted or custom-made (more in the software section below).

  1. Pixelgirl Presents – also includes wallpapers and other goodies (and from the same awesome woman behind ShanaLogic), and
  2. interfacelift, which also includes wallpapers and other goodies as well.

Almost everything is available for both Mac and Windows, sometimes Linux (and you can always convert using tools from the software section below).


Photo #1: As you can see from the shot of my entire desktop, I’m not going for a particular theme except for maybe a little “steampunk”, maybe even post-apocalytpic sci-fi at times, thus the “space-themed” wallpaper, Orbit by Gerry from one of my favorite desktop wallpaper websites, Simple Desktops.

Photo #2: Starting from the left, some Dock examples:

  1. Finder – Lego Systems 1.0 by Sean King (I use this set for the default for almost everything)
  2. Dashboard – Kaijubees by Melissa Scroggins.
  3. LaunchPad – Little White Sheep holding a rocket launcher from Aries by flamela.

Photo #3: Then, a little something for the geeks:

  1. Terminal – computer screen from the icons inspired by the tv show “LOST” by Hein Mevissen.
  2. eclipse – Blend by Laurent Baumann.
  3. Gimp original icon! – Mascot Wilber with a paintbrush in his teeth.

Photo #4: And as good as Apple is at design…

  1. iPhoto – painting of Mt Kilimanjaro, Kenya from the Hemingway icon set by Leslie Sigal Javorek.
  2. iTunes – gramophone from Vintage Icon set (apologies, more info coming soon).
  3. VLC – vintage TV from the same Vintage Icon set as above.

Photo #5: Of course, just to remind you, a security camera from The Bourne Ultimate icon set by leoyue just to remind you of the NSA watching you.

Photo #6: And finally, what did I use to make all these screenshots? See Homer sticking his hand out as if he was stuck in a well? From The Simpsons Icons by Anton Gerasimenko and Egor Zhgun and well, looks like he’s looking for something to Grab.


  • Img2icn: for creating and converting images to icons: this lightweight tool takes multiples image formats, including jpg, png, etc. and converti images into icons not just in the ICNS format for your desktop, but also for your iOS device and website favicons as well. Some icon sets you may download listed here or anywhere else might be in ICO or ICNS format already, but still won’t work for some reason, you may try sending your ICO or ICNS files through Img2Icn anyway— it’s always resolved the issue for me. Price: you get plenty of free use before they ask you to pay, but for all that functionality and being super easy to use, it was definitely worth the $3.90 I eventually shelled out. Download or buy at the Shiny Frog product site.
  • LiteIcon (for Mac OS X 9 only): another simple, lightweight app for customizing your desktop icons, including those “permanently” in the Dock (such as empty/full trash can) that you wouldn’t be able to use the standard technique for as mentioned at the beginning of this post. It also allows you to set new default icons for all general folders, smart folders, etc. across the entire system. If you’re not running Mavericks (Mac OS X 9), check out CandyBar. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good recommendation for Windows, but if you do, please drop me a note and I will update this info here.

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tumblr: On Food Truck Names I don’t know if it’s just the…

On Food Truck Names

I don’t know if it’s just the recent hipster love for food trucks, but you have to applaud food truck vendors for the effort they put into their “whimsical” names. This month’s food truck schedule at my apartment complex reads like a @McSweeneys List.

Seriously, like:

Hipster Food Truck Names

  1. Shark Bait – fish tacos and hamburgers.
  2. O Mi Ninja – Vietnamese street food.
  3. Road Dogs – Specialty hot hogs.
  4. Rice Rickit & Soulnese – Savory hood with Asian fusion twist and
    Asian soul food

Except for the title, word for word from the flyer. I love it when the real world and the “surreal” world of our squirrely little brains and clever little thoughts blur.

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tumblr: WTF? Lay’s Potato Chips now come in “Chicken &…

WTF? Lay’s Potato Chips now come in “Chicken & Waffles” flavor? I don’t even know what that would be— somehow sweet & savory… and crunchy like cripsy fried chicken but then the syrup…?

Guys, seriously, you can’t just jam all the flavors you like into one thing and expect it to be amazing or even remotely nutritrious— unless this is a science fiction movie about the future and those are pills.

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tumblr: Yay… more work… good thing I have this #Scrumban board to help…

Yay… more work… good thing I have this #Scrumban board to help me visualize all of it… #sarcasm

If not already, soon my face is going to look like that House/Hugh Laurie poster.

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tumblr: Public Restroom Mirror of Affirmation: An Unfortunate Series of…

Public Restroom Mirror of Affirmation: An Unfortunate Series of Events (a photo essay)

  1. When I got into the office on Monday morning, I was greeted by these Post-It shenanigans on my monitor (and yes, that reads #sorryimnotsorry because even on paper, we use hashtags in Silicon Valley). Nice cheerful start to the morning, right?
  2. Then, I walked into the women’s restroom around noon and found these Post-Its along around the mirror…
  3. “Be your own valentine all year round!”
    (Thinking: Okay, maybe just a stupid thing some sappy girl did for Valentine’s Day…)
  4. “Smile ☺ You Are L♥ved!”
    (Rather than a public restroom, seems like a daily affirmation more appropriate to have on the mirror in your own private home— you know, the one into which you say, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”— but okay, it’s still a nice sentiment…)
  5. “Bring one of these Post-Its to someone who needs it!”
    (Yeah, that’s not going to happen— I don’t do chain letters, even if they’re on Post-Its…)
  6. “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.”
    Okay, now you’re just being unreasonable.

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