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New Moon Volturi Fight

I have watched this clip about a thousand times, every time they show a clip of the movie on a talk show, etc. I finally slowed it down on the TiVo (if only YouTube had slo-mo!): watch the completely unnecessary flip starting at 0:25. Edward flips Bella over, only to have her land facing the same direction, and then turns her around, this time out of the way. I love Twilight, but this is a little ridiculous.

And, by the way, do you know how hard it is to fix marble? That you would have to basically replace everything damaged here? Even if I was immortal and unbelievably wealthy– thus, having both the time and money to do it– I would be supremely peeved at the damage done to the steps of the dais, never mind how stupid the dais and thrones are. (That part of the fight isn’t in the clip, but you can see part of it at 1:50 in this featurette. I know, I have too much time on my hands right now. At least I tell you how to cut to the chase with the video.)

Robert is Bothered

I love Twilight (really, almost to an unhealthy degree…) and think Robert Pattinson is great– loved him first as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. More recently, check him out in Little Ashes and How to Be to appreciate him fully as an actor, not just ridiculously good-looking, brooding, “good” vampire Edward Cullen.

Having said that, I love Jimmy Fallon too and these spots he does are hilarious. Here’s the one on Snickers Ads:

Check out more at Robert is Bothered.

Hot female artists

If I could pick a celebrity body to have, it would have to be Rihanna‘s after watching her performances from the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. (I also really like her as an artist.) I stopped watching this annoying awards show and MTV in general a long time ago (what ever happened to the music part of Music Television?), but my TiVo picked the rerun up because Russell Brand hosted. He’s hilarious and here’s Rihanna’s performance of “Disturbia” for the show’s opening:

Second, Christina Aguilera‘s performance was also hot, especially the remixed “Genie in a Bottle:”

And finally, more Rihanna, this time with T.I., performing “Live your Life” (follow T.I.’s performance “Whatever You Like,” starts at 2:16: (Apparently, this performance’s embedding was disabled by request and MTV took down all copies of it on their site. Weird. Don’t know why.)

University of Phoenix Commencement Speech

It’s really not nice to make fun of University of Phoenix like this, but I can’t help it:

Tosh.0 Thurs, 10pm / 9c
Congrats, Phoenix Online Graduates
Daniel Tosh Miss Teen South Carolina Demi Moore Picture

Disclaimer: I actually know a really smart and talented engineer who, after so many years in the industry, but no official degree, did his undergraduate degree through them so he could move on to a Master’s and I can’t blame him. Good for him.

Is it racist?

From the Comedy Central show Tosh.0:

I didn’t think a show about web videos would be interesting since I’m not a fan of “wrap-up” shows and I think it’s weird when you people use TV to talk about things from the Internet– it’s like they’re dumbing down computers and the Internet to make it more accessible via television because staring at a TV screen is easier than staring at a monitor.

In any case, I gave the show a shot because I love Daniel Tosh and the show is actually pretty entertaining. And yes, I actually find exactly what I thought I wouldn’t like– using TV to “wrap-up” popular web content– useful since I don’t usually have time to troll the Internet for funny videos. And the Tosh.0 blog is actually a nice complement to the show itself, without being redundant. Give it a shot.

Here’s Daniel Tosh’s hilarious follow up to the above video:

Tosh.0 Thurs, 10pm / 9c
Reviewing Tosh’s Assets
Daniel Tosh Miss Teen South Carolina Demi Moore Picture

Personal Responsibility and Collective Power

A quote from former President Clinton’s appearance on the The Daily Show from Monday night (September 18, 2006):

If ever there comes a time when everyone you vote for wins and they do everything you think they should do, there will still be a gap between what is and what ought to be, at home and around the world. It’s just inevitable… And so people like you and me– private citizens– have more power to do public good than ever before and we should step into the gap. And unlike previous times, it’s great if you’re rich– Bill Gates and Warren Buffet deserve the world’s thanks and gratitude– it’s amazing what they’re doing, but you don’t have to be rich. In the tsunami, Americans gave 1.3, 1.2 billion dollars. Thirty percent of our households gave over half of them over the Internet. That’s stunning. So, that means if like everybody that’s watching The Daily Show decides tomorrow that they think the biggest thing in the world is to make America free of foreign oil and they want us to go into biofuels and there’s a fund that promotes that and everybody that sees this show gives ten or fifteen or twenty dollars– not big money– they all do it, you could change the world.

Watch it at Comedy Central– Part 1 and Part 2— and check out the the Clinton Global Initiative.