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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • Logic puzzle to determine your butt size RT @jrm4: One rapper likes big butts and cannot lie; one rapper likes… #
  • Severe pain/nausea/vomiting <-> low K -> ER -> sweet relief w/delicious sleep so deep that I had to check what day it was when I woke up. #
  • Severe sleep debt finally catching up on me; even after sleeping so long, I still almost fell asleep while composing that last tweet. #
  • Glad Bel Biv Devoe didn't screw around & chose "Poison" on @jimmyfallon: (plus "Do Me!" on web: #
  • Finally decided to read "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Expect inevitable rattling of inner demons, but not sure what else… #
  • Full text of Dick's short story "Adjustment Team" (basis for the new movie "Adjustment Bureau") #
  • Being able to slide back into some old jeans is still satisfying, even if it's probably just a product of nausea/vomiting all week. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • Never really cared much for Valentine's Day to begin with; being stuck in the middle of a troubled married couple is icing on the cake. #
  • January Jones discusses on @TheDailyShow why South Dakota is better than North; uh, did they miss all the SD abortion rights headlines? #
  • Smart: re-airing Two and a Half Men from S1E1 helps remind us while he's "away," why Sheen is TV's highest paid actor, even w/the drama. #
  • My whole situation is soggy; should have worn my Docs and a real raincoat; Left Coast has made me soft. #
  • I just tried to make BK chicken fries healthy by wrapping a salad around it; you're welcome, Jamie Oliver. #
  • Stanford in the Bronx? I would go there… #
  • For those who missed @TheDailyShow last night, the infamous spinning beach ball (jump to 1:50 if you're impatient): #
  • Watching The Karate Kid (2010); thank you for not playing hokey "Asian" music when they arrive in China. #
  • Re: "Big Momma's House 3": feel old when main characters in movies I saw in college are now having teenaged (grand)kids in the sequels. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • Coming home to Tivo full of new recordings is a special treat after vomiting all day & dealing w/another Serious Personal Emergency til 4am. #
  • Slowly returning to life after going almost completely dark for awhile; first, Hospital Holiday, then URI from hell w/super migraine bonus. #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: If you abbreviate the character name to "Dr. Who," nerds will get upset. But are nerds ever NOT upset? #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: Before installing a paywall on your newspaper's web content, ask yourself this question: Is my résumé up to date? #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: .@JeffParker: A "sextape" is a video tape depicting a sex act; "sex tape" is like duct tape, but dirtier. #
  • "What does ROR mean?" "Released on Own Recognizance, not Ruby on Rails. Watch more Law & Order." #
  • Does anybody else kind of love the Detroit Chrysler 200 commercials? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • Kind of want to get an old school typewriter; not an electric one, the kind where you really have to punch the keys. #
  • Oh, Dead Poet's Society: made entire gen of teens think we could all be poets (thru preppy boarding schools w/quirky English teachers). #
  • Borrowed an iPad from work to check it out; feel like this is the first taste of crack to get me hooked. #
  • Ok, been using this iPad for about 30 min; it is awesome, but thank God it's not as addictive as I feared. #
  • Was just thinking this AM about problems w/socialization & group dynamics many Asian American kids have: (re: Amy Chua) #
  • Whenever I want to read more on an item in my news feed, but then see that the full source is TMZ, I feel bad about myself and turn back. #
  • 5 years of French totally paid off for 30 sec of Francais in awesome Colbert interview w/Bernard-Henri Levy #
  • Ruff morning; head throbbing and emotionally exhausted before it was even noon. #
  • FYI "gyp" is an ethnic slur too… RT @angryasianman: Rush Limbaugh mocks Chinese president with the CHING CHONG: #
  • Great @thedailyshow interview w/folks from "Parazit," satirical comedy news/politics show broadcast in Iran: #
  • Finally some relief from congestion & dripping from all I/O interfaces on my head; can breathe again! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • A banana a day keeps the doctor away (the full story on my recent hospitalization and why potassium is so important) #
  • When did "gook" and "chink" become bleep-worthy, even on cable (specifically, Steve Byrne on Comedy Central)? #
  • Mr. Miyagi droppin' the knowledge: "To make honey, young bee need young flower, not old prune." #
  • Totally forgot about Mr. Miyagi's service in WWII, Manzanar & story of his wife & child; Karate Kid just got a lot more profound. #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: Now I ain't sayin' Ron Paul's a gold digger, but he ain't messin' with no broke … #
  • RT @rustyrockets: I'm editing the words "Huckleberry Finn" out of all my NWA albums. #
  • Been watching full episodes from all 14 seasons of South Park for free online lately; hrs of ridiculous fat ass fun: #
  • Holy crap, just saw B.D. Wong's brief part in Karate Kid Part II; sounds like it's badly dubbed, but still awesome. #