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Video: LSJUMB Impromptu Lunch Concert

A litle while ago (May 25th, to be exact), LSJUMB (aka the Stanford Band) played one of it’s many impromptu concerts in front of the fountain between Meyer and Green Libraries– i.e., the Shumway Fountain, usually referred to locally as “The (Red) Hoop”. As we were on the way to lunch, many of us got the bit of Friday afternoon “anarchy” on video (though sadly, the weather wasn’t the usual “sunny with clear blue skies”, so it looks a big hazy):

How can you not love such a great “scatter band” despite (or because of) the occasional controversy they stir up?

FYI, Shumway Fountain is one of the few fountains on campus not sculpted by an artist; instead, it was designed by a landscape firm that specializes in water elements. Oddly, the only place I’ve been able to find any information like this on The Hoop, including the official name, is in the Maps section (and specifically under Places of Interest > Fountains) of the iStanford (iPhone/iOS) app. The app also includes an image library which boasts, among scenic photos of our various campuses, many historical photos from the University archives, including several very interesting ones from the (in)famous Stanford Prison Experiment that I haven’t really seen published in one place anywhere else. Bit surreal/odd/creepy, especially to be carrying them around on your phone.