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tumblr: Arts & Crafts / Design Binge: Arden’s 2nd Birthday…

Photo of Gift
Photo of Gift
Photo of Gift
Photo of Gift
Photo of Gift
Arts & Crafts / Design Binge: Arden’s 2nd Birthday Gift Package

It’s only Monday of my week off (official announcement at the end of the month, but hint— just treated myself to these new Dark Wash Neon Converse Oxfords in “Purple Cactus Flower”, perfect for taking the next big step in my life), but I’ve already gone on one arts & crafts / design project binge putting together the main part of my niece Arden’s second birthday package even though it’s still a couple of weeks out. (Obviously, I took these photos all Memento-style as I wrapped everything up and am now presenting them essentially backwards, as if opening the gift yourself, so: SPOILER ALERT for little Korean American girls named “Arden” who are almost 2 years old— quit snooping!)

Photo #1:
White gift box with rainbow color stripes and a curly silver ribbon, all mostly to hold the card…

Photo #2:
Now opened, another, smaller gift box is inside— dark purple decorated with pink and white glittery flowers and a handmade/homemade birthday card made from textured “Parakeet Green” card stock and a wide, pearly white vellum strip decorated with matching glittery stickers. Clipped to the front of the card are two pink “crystal” (plastic) butterfly hair clips (pair #1)— foreshadowing…

Photo #3: Inside the smaller, purple gift box are two pairs of gemstone butterfly hair clips in blue and purple (pairs #2 & #3). A fancier variation on the butterfly theme for special occasions.

Photo #4: Inside the card, a custom birthday message to my niece— granted, she may only understand the “Happy Birthday” part, but hopefully, she’ll hold onto this and have it to look at if and when she eventually looks back and reflects on this particular time in our family’s life.

Photo #5: And finally, of course, the copyright and credit label on the back— I’m playing around with the company name “With An S” or something like that.

What do you think?

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tumblr: Instant Boobs?! Also seen @ Daiso in Cuperino. Oh please,…

"Instant Boobs" package - front
"Instant Boobs" package - back

Instant Boobs?!

Also seen @ Daiso in Cuperino. Oh please, please, somebody who reads Japanese (I know for a fact some of you nerds are more than fluent / literate in Japanese and have lived or live in Japan now) translate this for me because I’m pretty sure, given the drawings and the look on the girl’s face as she discovers her new ginormous bosom at the end of the instructions, something more is going on than just stuffing her bra.

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tumblr: Irie man Sherwin, you never told me about your career as a party…

Japanese Party Wig at Daiso

Irie man Sherwin, you never told me about your career as a party wig model in Japan!

Seen at Daiso in Cupertino. I can’t tell if the guy is a light-skinned black guy, a dark-skinned Japanese guy (more likely a Korean or Pilipino model then), or something Blackface-like going on with the makeup. I also can’t tell if it’s racist or not. I just feel like it’s what conservative Japanese businessmen think of as a “crazy party wig” when most of us probably know at least one guy that just looks like that normally.

Or are one of the tons of guys that just looks like that normally.

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tumblr: Maybe only on the streets of San Francisco… Or New York…

Maybe only on the streets of San Francisco…

Or New York City would I look up to see this guy in a partial hot pink bear suit walk past me and not even give it a second thought. I only took some quick photos because I ended up walking behind him for several blocks during end of business day rush hour traffic. Which also made me realize that just like in NYC, both the guy in the bear suit and everyone else could not care less and were too busy getting on with their own lives to give this guy more than a brief double-take. Hey, after all— bear suit or not— we’ve all got places to go, things to do, so let’s keep it moving.

Of course, the outfit couldn’t help reminding me of the 90s club kid scene in New York, including Clara the Carefree Chicken (and crack addict).

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tumblr: Yay! Finally printed my new “personal” business card…

Yay! Finally printed my new “personal” business card design for 2014!

Complete with photo and name in “I Am Sherlocked” font on front; phone, email addresses, links to my sindylee.com personal website, LInkedIn profile, and Twitter profile, and contact info QR code c/o Kaywa.

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tumblr: Warning: Greeting Card Level Sentimentality Ahead Despite this…

Warning: Greeting Card Level Sentimentality Ahead

Despite this post, I’m not really a greeting card nut— I buy them regularly for a small handful of family and friends, usually for birthdays, but for every store-bought greeting card I send, I probably also send a homemade handmade card that I design and make myself on the computer, with specialty paper and other good “arts & craft” stuff, using a generic “Happy Birthday!” or “Happy Holidays” inside along with the same message I would have written inside if it was a store-bought card.

But weirdly— or maybe not so weirdly, considering how much effort I put into the cards I make myself— when I do use a store-bought greeting card, I take a fair amount of time picking one out because I actually care about the message. Now, I know this is kind of a chick thing, as Kevin James illustrates here so hilariously. But really, I respect the written word a lot and I take a lot of care in what I write by my own hand, so why wouldn’t I be just as particular about picking a pre-written, mass-marketed message to speak for me? Especially when they’re really long and get into the particular beauties of whatever relationship the card is supposed to be part of, but it’s like I hate lying so much that I won’t even send a superficially nice card if I don’t agree with every word of it. I’d rather just send a cheesy card with a picture of dynamite on the front and the message “Hope your birthday’s a blast!” (and write in my own sappy words) than one with an intricate floral design and a long poem talking about how you carried me through my toughest moments, without judgment or a harsh word, blah, blah, blah, if it’s not 100% true. Call me a freak, but hey, that’s just me.

Of course, this is all a roundabout way of getting around to the fact that I DID find a greeting card with the lace and flowers and the long poem that I really did like and wanted to send because I liked the message. Ironically, I found it while on the phone with my mom, browsing through a Walgreens to kill time before the next train home.

So, here it is— this has been an incredible difficult year for my entire family, as a whole and individually, and we continue to struggle each day, but on my mom’s birthday today (or at least the day we celebrate it— don’t even get me started on lunar vs solar calendars), I have to acknowledge not only how amazingly strong she is— she’s the strongest person I know, probably— but how much she has been my support and comfort through one of the most difficult year— yearS really— of my life, even when she has had every reason and right to be more pre-occupied with, thinking and worrying, about the unbelievably tough things she was going through everyday. I’ll let the card say the rest (pictured above, text below— I’m probably violating some type of greeting card copyright or fair use doctrine, but whatever):

A mom’s love is an unspoken promise,
to be kind,
to be wise,
to be there.

It’s hard to describe
how much it means
having a mom like you…
the joy that comes
from being loved,
the confidence that comes
from being believed in,
the sense of security that comes
from knowing
there’s always someone
to depend on…

It’s hard hard to describe how much you
Because you mean so very much.

Happy Birthday

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tumblr: Finally doing about half a decade’s worth of…

Finally doing about half a decade’s worth of #SpringCleaning and found these while tossing out the box my @DirecTV replacement receiver came in— held onto them because don’t they just scream “Arts & Crafts”? Like they’re just begging to help make/decorate Easter eggs or some third-grade science project growing lima beans?

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