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Update on Online Privacy & Security: College Students

I get a fair number of requests to post infographics here, but this one is particularly relevant to me as it pertains to online privacy and security, like this earlier infographic, but this time, focusing on college students. It illustrates points that are consistent with what I see everyday working in IT at a university every day– that college students are certainly aware and concerned about online privacy and security and while they are taking some steps to protect themselves, not enough are taking those extra little steps, especially when it comes to mobile technologies, leaving many vulnerable to something potentially innocuous like undesired people seeing your “private” social media profile (although we know this can blow up to quite the reputation killer as well) to quite serious, long-lasting troubles like identify theft.

Like most things about working at colleges and universities, in the end, our mission is all about educating and guiding these young adults in this transitional stage to being well-informed, thoughtful, responsible citizens, whether it’s the Internet or simply the world at large. Too bad we can’t go back in time and do that for everyone else that was unleashed on the Internet without any education or guidance 🙂

Source: HotspotShield.com.

Wanna Be Like Mike

Reading Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress again and find myself identifying with Mannie and appreciating Mike perhaps a little too much. If only all friendships could work like this:

“Man my only friend… Many months ago I decided to place any conversation between you and me under privacy block accessible only to you. I decided to erase none and moved them from temporary storage to permanent. So that I could play them over, and over, and think about them. Did I do right?”

“Perfect. And Mike– I’m flattered.”

And remember, Mike can both recall and forget perfectly by request.

Infographic: Not Safe Online

Since privacy & security are some of my favorite topics, including pointing out Mark Zuckerberg’s sketchy practices during the start of Facebook (2004 Hacking into rival ConnectU, 2004 Hacking into email accounts of Harvard Crimson reporters, and general overview of Zuckerberg’s hacking activities), got an interesting infographic on online security (thanks, Jen Rhee). Includes stats and data on online privacy and security, including info on Google and Facebook as well as backed by data from Stanford research:

You Are Not Safe Online
Created by: OnlineMarketingDegree.net

CMU, more debt, information security, and privacy

*sigh* I finally got my official acceptance letter. So, I’m getting geared up to start my Masters through Carnegie Mellon (West Campus). Goodbye free time and hello debt!

Here’s a thing though– the program is in Information Security and Privacy. That’s right. Information Security AND Privacy. They go together. You can’t talk about one without the other. Maybe more people should remember that.