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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • Kind of want to get an old school typewriter; not an electric one, the kind where you really have to punch the keys. #
  • Oh, Dead Poet's Society: made entire gen of teens think we could all be poets (thru preppy boarding schools w/quirky English teachers). #
  • Borrowed an iPad from work to check it out; feel like this is the first taste of crack to get me hooked. #
  • Ok, been using this iPad for about 30 min; it is awesome, but thank God it's not as addictive as I feared. #
  • Was just thinking this AM about problems w/socialization & group dynamics many Asian American kids have: http://t.co/UTl6xlh (re: Amy Chua) #
  • Whenever I want to read more on an item in my news feed, but then see that the full source is TMZ, I feel bad about myself and turn back. #
  • 5 years of French totally paid off for 30 sec of Francais in awesome Colbert interview w/Bernard-Henri Levy http://t.co/W0hPpS6 #
  • Ruff morning; head throbbing and emotionally exhausted before it was even noon. #
  • FYI "gyp" is an ethnic slur too… RT @angryasianman: Rush Limbaugh mocks Chinese president with the CHING CHONG: http://bit.ly/ew2KeX #
  • Great @thedailyshow interview w/folks from "Parazit," satirical comedy news/politics show broadcast in Iran: http://t.co/pDiWt6k #
  • Finally some relief from congestion & dripping from all I/O interfaces on my head; can breathe again! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • A banana a day keeps the doctor away (the full story on my recent hospitalization and why potassium is so important) http://t.co/mMlqSQn #
  • When did "gook" and "chink" become bleep-worthy, even on cable (specifically, Steve Byrne on Comedy Central)? #
  • Mr. Miyagi droppin' the knowledge: "To make honey, young bee need young flower, not old prune." #
  • Totally forgot about Mr. Miyagi's service in WWII, Manzanar & story of his wife & child; Karate Kid just got a lot more profound. #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: Now I ain't sayin' Ron Paul's a gold digger, but he ain't messin' with no broke … http://tmi.me/549e3 #
  • RT @rustyrockets: I'm editing the words "Huckleberry Finn" out of all my NWA albums. #
  • Been watching full episodes from all 14 seasons of South Park for free online lately; hrs of ridiculous fat ass fun: http://cart.mn/hmzC7H #
  • Holy crap, just saw B.D. Wong's brief part in Karate Kid Part II; sounds like it's badly dubbed, but still awesome. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • @kennethrsharp Did refer them to you, but did brief troubleshooting over phone; as expected, not our bug: network wasn't set up properly. #
  • Want the original 1984 version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Not Band Aid II or random person (why iTunes?!) Even BT is failing me! #
  • @kennethrsharp Thanks; at least it was fixed quickly (and not our bug anyway). And now one more process thing to discuss… #
  • Apparently, must now turn to cheesy compilation albums to download some of my fav 80's songs: "NOW (That's What I Call Christmas), Vol. 4." #
  • Thanks everyone for your well wishes; got home on Saturday/Christmas evening and resting/recovering at home now. #
  • WTF: old ep of Two and a Half Men where Jake has crush on Wendy Cho, who gets straight A's, plays violin & head of math team; 'nuff said. #
  • Why haven't they made "Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money"? #
  • Feels like just giving up when you name your restaurant "By the Bucket" (Italian/seafood no less), like wearing sweat pants all the time. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • In the news: "My dog came and looked at me and said what's going on?" Seems like talking dog should be bigger news than 3.1 earthquake. #
  • Dusting off (restaurant) tortilla chips with a paper towel, like blotting off the extra grease off pizza; too salty! #
  • At grocery store, behind woman drinking one of those mini-pints of ice cream like it's a milkshake while cashier rings her up. #
  • Anybody have recommendations for or tips on incorporating? #
  • More re: incorporating: anybody recommend accountant/CPA/similar on inc. & taxes? Nothing special needed, so looking for good, but cheap. #
  • RT @angryasianman: It's official. The K-town reality show is a done deal. How do I know? @Tyrese told me: http://bit.ly/eGMkJS #
  • So much pain all over; can barely move around– arms, back, legs and thighs (quads) #
  • So much pain all over; can barely– arms, back, legs and thighs (quads); seems too sudden & severe to just a sign that I'm getting old. #
  • In case anybody is lookimg for me, I've checked into hospital; recovery will take a few days at least. #
  • 2nd auditory hallucination in last hr– lot less scary when you know it's coming. #
  • Looking to break out of this joint by Christmas; watching Rudolph and Frosty special in the meantime. #
  • 2 yrs of being sick, in & out of hospital, & I still get asked for help while not on call, but hospitalized, day before Christmas Eve. #
  • Still, should be checking out of Hotel Hospital today; Happy Christmas! #
  • Just passed an old guy's hospital room where he's got a Betty White calendar hanging. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

  • Giving Back Day 4: Join Jumo | The Dragonfly Effect http://t.co/4RSdwGD #
  • Welcome to the 12 Days of Giving Back! | The Dragonfly Effect http://t.co/HVPGIAo #
  • Even secret identities have usernames. #
  • Time's online person of year poll seriously hinky if #1 = Julian Assange, #2 = Recep Tayyip Ergodan (who? PM of Turkey!), #3 = Lady Gaga. #
  • Holy crap, just realized I still had a Friendster account; CANCEL! Confirmed! Easiest, cleanest breakup ever. http://flic.kr/p/91M2oe #
  • Mayday, mayday… Suddenly very nauseated; need to rest briefly before all GI hell breaks loose. #
  • So creepy to suddenly hear heavy breathing next to me while sitting alone in car (was just bicyclist next to my open window @ stop sign). #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • Pomegranate blueberry juice blend. Delicious. #
  • May actually be going back East this Christmas; hit me up if you'll be around and want to plan to make plans. #
  • AllAdvantage: like you did, your logo is slowly fading away from my mug (Infomediary Man is already gone on back). http://flic.kr/p/8XEByh #
  • Sorry, don't think I'll be back East for Xmas; wish I could, esp every time you guys post about bonfires and partying in the woods. #
  • 4 scor & 7 yrs ago: nu nation, all men =! Now civil war 🙁 But! Not die in vain. Gr8 task b4 us: Gvt of-by4-ppl not perish frm earth! #
  • Last tweet from Honest Abe 11/19/1863 http://bit.ly/hWt6xD #
  • CJCS Adm. Mullen: "…this whole issue of integrity. We're an institution that values integrity & then asks other ppl to join us…" #
  • (cont.) "… work w/us, fight w/us, die w/us, & lie about who they are the whole time… That's what just doesn't make any sense to me." #