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tumblr: My family doesn’t really do gifts (other than the very…

My family doesn’t really do gifts (other than the very efficient, oh-so-very-stereotypical-for-valid-reason Asian and straight-to-the-point cold hard cash) and we’ve all been/still are on tight budgets anyway, but once in a while, I’ll treat myself to something small, like my sweet new retro Nintendo game controller-like phone cover by TrekCovers via TrekGear on Amazon. They have ones that actually look exactly like old school game controllers for various generations of game console controllers and handheld gaming devices like the original Gameboy, but I just liked the design and colors of this one.

Pops, doesn’t it?

Soga Wireless on Amazon is another favorite cell phone case source of mine and even though standard shipping (3-5 days) is $2.94 PER ITEM— $8.94 for “Expedited” (1-3 days) shipping!— when almost all the covers (at least for my phone) are literally $1-3, some being high as $4.99 (but those often come with a mini touch screen stylus that conveniently has a little lanyard-like thing that plugs into your phone’s stereo jack to make it easier to carry around), that still makes each cover only $4-6 each, well over 50% less than the average cell phone case/cover if you were to walk into a store to buy one.

Whether it’s $5 with Soga Wireless or $9.99 with TrekGear (free shipping!), just $5-10 can bring a surprising amount of “shopping satisfaction” AND it makes me feel like I have a new phone every time I change the cover, staving off the unnecessary and potentially very expensive itch to get a new smartphone that hits most technophiles at least every 12 months (and Apple’s bonkers iPhone release schedule and ads don’t exactly help the situation).

I’ll break out the old school cassette tape-like cover soon…

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