Today, October 31st, isn’t just Halloween— it’s also the last day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a particularly important, personal issue very close to my heart (literally and figuratively), so in that spirit, here’s a photo to not just show off the sweet Lucky Clover necklace I got from @shanalogic [thru a combination of a promo deal and Shana’s kindness 😉 ], but to also maybe bring some good luck on breast cancer patients and survivors as well as their families and friends by adding my pink ribbon pendant— keep your head up everyone.

New and (in my opinion) better photo of me wearing the new Bullet Hex necklace I got from @shanalogic. I’m very picky about the length of my necklace chains and exactly where pendants fall, depending on their size, shape, etc. and especially with “chunkier” (heavier/bigger) pendants like this one, so I added an extender chain, but this #badass pendant already comes on a pretty long, solid/strong curb chain and I could definitely see this working for both men & women (of course, you first have to be the type of person who can pull off a necklace made with a bullet & piece of stainless steel hardware).

As for what was going on with this particular photo, I’ve got my headphones on because I was heads down focusing on work, but then had to quickly pop my collar and take this pic when I finally remembered the song that’s constantly been on my mind since I saw that necklace online (I did get some help from my friend, Ian, who is kind of like an encyclopedia on rap music that just happens to come in the form of a skinny white guy). It’s the heaviest, but maybe best use of gun/bullet sound samples I’ve heard, almost like someone was shooting up a hot back beat— turns out I was thinking of two songs actually, both on DJ Benzi & Evil Empire’s Clipse “We Got the Remix” mixtape—specifically, tracks #16 & #17, Hitman 4 Hire & Double Down. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a true hip hop/rap fan…

New & improved #Scrumban board— there are a million online tools for this type of agile/lean tracking, but aside from the fact that trying to configure JIRA (what @StanfordLibs uses for issue tracking) makes me feel like my eyes are bleeding, the arts & crafts/stationery geek in me likes to do it old skool 🙂

I don’t like to brag, but my nephew’s birthday is coming up this weekend and I think I made a pretty epic birthday card. Check it out— super awesome “Moving Letters” font, his name spelled out in letters shaped like planes, trains, and automobiles; bilingual birthday greetings; and finally, inside, some Birthday Superstar glasses he can rock for the day, complete with some “icy” candles and looped into a pitch black chalkboard-like background with neon shapes and drawings (you get the effect by scratching stencils with a wooden stylus to reveal the multi-colored neon layer underneath the chalky black card stock). Pretty dope, huh?