Catching up on tons of #CriminalMinds (which is starting to rival all the #LawAndOrder’s ‘round the clock availability via syndication; 2012 ep “Snake Eyes” has this ridiculously gratuitous (albeit useful for amplifying Garcia’s shock) shot of a not just glistening, but literally shiny @shemarmoore just out of the shower. What did he take a shower in- baby oil?

* For those who are unfortunately particularly randy and/or impatient, jump to 1:31 to get straight to the goods.

Couldn’t resist this piece of my childhood when I saw it at the Dollar Tree store. “Slap Wraps” was the original brand name under which inventor Wisconsin teacher Stuart Anders. They were released and peaked in popularity around 1990, explaining the short clip of Billy Idol’s “Cradle of Love” from his “Charmed Life” album (released in 1990). Read more in this 1990 NY Times article on the fad: